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Hire Our Painter For The Day / One Day Painting

Have a to-do list that just can’t get done? Looking to put a new coat of paint in the powder room, spruce up the family room, or paint some trim on the exterior of your house? At Trico Painting, we know how hard it can be to get to those small projects that don’t require a whole crew, but require more time and expertise than you can provide.

How the painter for a day program works

With the Painter for a Day program by Trico Painting, you can have all your projects addressed by a professional without ever having to lift a brush yourself. There is no shortage to the number of different jobs our professionals can take on.Our “Painter-for-a-Day” program is a time and material painting service for either your interior or exterior projects and does not provide written estimates or offer to undertake projects on a fixed bid basis.

For just $550, our painter will gladly sit down with you to discuss what you’d like them to do and then prioritize those ideas. Then, they’ll get busy painting for the next 7.5 hours, getting as much work done as possible.Our painter will arrive at your home with all the tools necessary for the job as well. All we need you to do is supply the paint. We include soft supplies like plastic, tape, roller covers, spot primers, repair compounds, etc. These are included in the above prices.

There are no travel charge or lunch break charge.If your painter finishes their 7.5 hour day and you’d like more work done, he can do so for $75/each additional hour, plus the cost for any other materials that are needed.

We do not offer touch up painting as part of this service / Any wall painted will be corner to corner/ top to bottom.

One day of painting could include any exterior or interior items

  • Paint a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen
  • Touch up basboards and trim
  • Power-wash your homes exterior
  • Paint a few accent walls
  • Paint or stain entry doors
  • Paint faded exterior trim
  • And much more — just ask us

Home Owner to Provide Paint

( Note= Price does not include paints. Rate is good for one day for one painter. Larger projects will require an estimate.)