5 Steps to Take to Get Your Home Remodel Done Before the Holidays

5 Steps to Take to Get Your Home Remodel Done Before the Holidays

If you're looking to make a home transformation in time for the holidays, there's no better time to start planning. Taking the right steps can ensure the most important things get done, you stay on time and on budget, and the results look great. Here's what the local house painters from Trico Painting suggest.

Steps to Remodel Your Home Before the Holidays

Step 1: Decide Which Areas Need Updates

It's overwhelming to think about changing your whole home interior. Why not start your project by choosing which rooms or areas to focus on first? You might prioritize according to:

  • Wear and Tear: Fixing wear and tear like paint damage, drywall damage, discoloration, moisture damage, and more will immediately improve the room, helping new paint to last longer. Do a walkthrough and prioritize any rooms or exterior areas that need maintenance painting, carpentry repairs, caulking repairs, and similar work.

  • Outdated Looks: Do some of your rooms look a bit like a time capsule? Whether it's popcorn ceiling removal, new paint colors, or ceiling painting, putting these projects at the top of your to-do list will quickly modernize your home.

  • Need and Use: Will you be entertaining guests this holiday season? Getting guest bedrooms/bathrooms and common areas up to date will make a great impression and keep everyone comfortable.

Step 2: Consider Storage and Furnishing Upgrades

Another way to approach refreshing your home before the holidays is to focus on storage. Cabinet painting can truly turn a room around without in-depth reconstruction and remodeling. Some things you might try:

Cabinet painting services get fresh paints and finishes on your cabinets, making sure cabinet surfaces are smooth, strong, and built to last. You can enjoy your most-used rooms with peace of mind during the busiest time of the year without having to put it "out of commission" with building projects.

Step 3: Set a Budget

Setting a budget is a smart way to make sure your pre-holiday painting and repair projects don't cause the added stress of sticker shock.

As a general rule, know the square footage of each room you plan to have painting done in. If you require any speciality finishes or surface repairs in that room, that will be an additional investment, as will some cabinet glazes and finishes. If you find yourself going over budget in the planning phase, start with the rooms where you'll be able to make the greatest number of changes and improvements for your buck.

Step 4: Avoid DIY Painting and "Fixes"

DIY painting, carpentry repairs, and other projects around the house risk putting you off-deadline and over budget for home improvements you're wanting to make ahead of the holidays. For one, there's more time spent researching projects you've never done before and money spent on materials and tools to get those projects done. Then you have to clear your schedule of other pre-holiday to-dos in order to get the projects done. Perhaps the biggest issues DIY work causes are:

  • Safety Hazards: No one who is untrained should be climbing ladders to repair gutters, fix exterior woodwork, or paint siding. Don't risk slips, falls, and other mishaps by putting such projects on your plate.

  • Improper Surface Prep: Inadequate surface prep means your paint will bubble, peel, and pop almost from the start, meaning your time and money spent will multiply with every do-over and repaint.

  • Messes: Interior and exterior painting projects can get messy. But with DIY, there's no crew to help with setup or cleanup.

You have enough on your plate as it is without doing all the projects that need doing around the house yourself. Investing in professional painting services will help you de-stress and protect your project investment without taking your focus off your holiday plans.

Step 5: Interview and Hire Interior Painting Contractors

Interior painting companies are integral to a successful home upgrade in time for the holidays. Because the busy seasons get booked quickly, it's important to plan ahead. Four to six weeks before you'd like projects completed, talk to local house painters you can trust.

Trico Painting is the painting company Roseville, CA calls for interior and exterior painting services. We never cut corners or skip steps, so you can be confident you're getting the most beautiful, long-lasting results possible. With our project management expertise, we can get multiple tasks done quickly and efficiently, always keeping your timeline, budget, and vision front of mind.

We're happy to show you our portfolio, review your project goals, and answer any questions you may have about estimates, repairs, speciality finishes, and more. Don't waste time if you know you're ready for a pre-holiday home transformation. Contact Trico Painting to start your projects today.