Best Kitchen Cabinet Services

Best Kitchen Cabinet Services

You can get interior painting services done for walls, ceilings, and trim to beautify your kitchen. But without cabinet painting services, you'll likely feel something is missing. Kitchen cabinet painting has a way of making your kitchen seem like a whole new room. Here are some of the most popular, most practical, and most beautiful ways to improve kitchen cabinetry.

Ways to Improve Kitchen Cabinetry

Cabinet Repainting

You want to make the most cost-effective decisions when improving your home interior. When it comes to your kitchen, that means cabinet repainting. Applying fresh paint to cabinets typically costs 1/3 to 1/2 as much as replacing the cabinets completely. When it comes to cabinets, there's power in the paint. The paint itself is highly durable and will keep your cabinet doors, drawers, and furnishings looking great for years to come. The only time cabinet rebuilding is necessary is if there are significant structural issues or if you don't like the look of the original furnishings at all.

Cabinet Staining and "Antiquing"

Cabinet staining is ideal if you love the look of natural wood finishes but don't want to leave your wood untreated or unprotected. Like paint, stain protects the wood from moisture damage, dust, and dirt. But your natural wood grain is still the star of the show. Even if your wood is newer, an "antiqued" finish can be obtained when stains are strategically applied and wiped to give it a classic finish.

Clear Coat and Glaze Finishes

Glaze finishes and clear coat for cabinets bring the polish and sophistication we love in modern kitchens. Glaze finishes are semi-transparent color finishes that are applied on a base color to give it greater depth and dimension. As the name suggests, clear coat finishes apply a clear, semi-glossy finish over the existing color.

How to Choose Which Services Your Kitchen Cabinets Need

You probably have questions as you consider one of the many professional kitchen cabinet painting services for your home. Any services are going to make cabinets look beautiful and last longer. So a lot of your choice depends on your taste, your goals for the room, and the condition of your cabinets. Here's how to think through some of the common questions you might have:

  1. How much will it cost? Generally the cost depends on the number of doors and drawers you have and the type of paints, stains, or finishes you use. Additional finishes may represent a greater investment because of the care and attention to detail necessary to apply them on existing colors to get the desired effect.

  2. Should I paint or stain? Both get great results. Paint tends to provide a higher degree of coverage and a broader range of color than wood staining. Staining, on the other hand, has a classic beauty and may make it easier to see if there are issues affecting your surfaces.

  3. When is specialty finish worth it? Specialty finishes like glaze or clear coat are always going to look spectacular. But they're particularly great at showcasing unique details of cabinet woodworking and construction, as those details can be emphasized through careful finish application.

  4. Isn't it cheaper to paint cabinets yourself? When you factor in the cost of supplies and materials, the time necessary for removing and reinstalling the hardware, and the multiple steps necessary for proper surface preparation, it quickly becomes more practical, more economical, and less stressful to hire local cabinet painters to get the job done.

Work with Cabinet Painters You Can Trust

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