Best Paints for Your Screened-In Porch

Best Paints for Your Screened-In Porch

If you live in the Roseville or El Dorado Hills area, you know the beauty of the California sun. And you know it gets hot. Keeping your screened-in porch painted and maintained means you can beat the heat and enjoy your beautiful natural surroundings in safety and comfort year round, no matter the weather.

Here’s what our experts recommend to make your screened-in porch painting project a success.

Best Way to Paint Your Porch

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Screened-in Porch

It’s always best to match the paint to the project, and your screened-in porch is no different. In general, choose exterior paints and stains.

Exterior wood porches covered by a roof can be coated with either latex or oil-based porch paints. You also have the option of staining porch surfaces to achieve a natural wood finish that is more resilient than leaving the wood untreated. Natural wood staining also provides a moisture barrier without covering over the woodgrain.

However, if your screened-in porch has concrete flooring that you think needs some attention, painting isn’t the most durable option for this upgrade. It will peel quickly and have to be repainted. Concrete sealers, on the other hand, can protect your concrete porch flooring and make it more resilient. If you want to make an even more dramatic change, concrete stain can add depth, dimension, and color to any space, not to mention make your porch flooring more durable and appealing.

Being Prepared for Your Project

It’s not just a matter of heading out with a brush and a bucket of paint; get the best results from whatever paint you choose for your screened-in porch by taking the following steps:

  • Checking the area for wood rot and paint damage

  • Completing carpentry repairs and wood rot replacement

  • Removing all old and damaged paint

  • Priming any surface you plan to paint or stain

As with the paint or stain you’ll apply, it’s important to allow primer plenty of time to dry and to apply it evenly so that stain or paint adheres as smoothly and seamlessly as possible to your screened-in porch.

During painting, using professional-grade paints, primers, stains, and brushes will also help things look their best. And don’t forget to take your time. You don’t want to get paint on any part of the screen while you’re painting, since that just adds more time, effort, and stress to your project.

Considering the Surroundings

Since you get a lot of natural light in your screened-in porch, consider reflective colors to maximize the impact of that light. If you’re looking to make a color change, you have a range of options.

  • Neutral whites reflect the most light.

  • Cooler colors, like pale blues and grays, help walls appear to recede, which makes your screened-in porch appear lighter and more spacious.

  • Adding pops of contrasting or complementary colors to either of these will create a balanced look that will be appealing no matter the time of day or amount of sunlight you’re getting.

Adding Some Details

Sometimes your screened-in porch has a lot of character already and doesn’t need a total makeover or a whole new look, but adding a new detail can freshen things up. Lattice work, for example, is lovely to look at and adds additional protection between foot traffic and your screen so that investment is protected long term.

Adding a new wooden bench or wooden swing creates a focal point, and either could be painted or stained to add greater uniqueness and beauty to an already inviting space.

Getting Help When You Need It

As you plan painting screened-in porch areas, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Expert exterior painting contractors at Trico Painting are here to answer your questions, ready to tackle your project with efficiency and confidence.

Whether you’re looking to completely repaint or refinish or just want to refresh your existing color, we’ll leave no detail unaddressed so you can get back to enjoying one of the most peaceful rooms in your home.

Don’t wait to get started if you’re feeling inspired. Contact Trico Painting for your porch painting estimate today.