Best Ways to Keep Your Deck Steps Safe and HOA Compliant

Best Ways to Keep Your Deck Steps Safe and HOA Compliant

Everyone loves enjoying their deck on a sunny day. But decking can be vulnerable to damage and deterioration, thanks to ongoing exposure to temperature changes, humidity fluctuation, pests, and moisture.

Deck steps are a potentially hazardous area you may not often think about, but keeping your wooden deck steps in good shape should be on your radar. Here are some suggestions and recommendations on how to care for deck stairs from the experts at Trico Painting.

How to Keep Your Deck HOA Compliant

Know Signs of Deck Damage

Wood rot is one of the most common signs of exterior wood damage. You can spot wood rot by checking for a damp, musty smell, and checking for cracking or crumbling wood. Sometimes, you’ll see mushroom-like or pillow-like growths or spores. But with vigilance, you can likely identify wood rot before it gets to that point.

It’s important to get wood rot repair and replacement done as soon as you see signs of it to prevent wood rot from spreading and damaging the rest of your decking.

But even if your deck stairs aren’t rotting, they could still be unsafe due to not being structurally sound. We suggest checking for loose and popping boards, protruding nails, warping, or discoloration. Signs of this structural inconsistency could mean that your paint or stain is no longer protecting your deck stairs from the weather, and the wear and tear of normal use.

Check Surrounding and Adjacent Areas

Because of the way damage can spread and worsen, it’s important to check surrounding and adjacent areas of your decking, too. Some places you might want to check include:

  • Deck Floorboards

  • Lattice Work

  • Underneath Your Deck

  • Supporting Beams or Poles

  • Deck Railing

  • Ramps

  • Archways and Entryways

  • Seating

All decking areas should be uniform in color, even in construction, with nothing missing or sticking out. Any issues, even if they appear small, could be pointing to more widespread structural issues.

Plan and Complete Regular Maintenance

One of the most important decisions you can make is to be proactive about maintenance when it comes to pressure washing, exterior painting, carpentry repairs, and natural wood finishing for your deck stairs.

Deck painting can protect from moisture for longer than a translucent wood stain, but paint also makes it harder for you to spot issues. That’s why it’s so important to know the signs of structural weakening or damage, including damaged, chipping, popping, and bubbling paint.

Similarly, even though stains are durable and beautiful, nothing can last forever against the power and variety of nature, changing weather conditions, and ongoing use. If it’s been more than a few years since you’ve had deck refinishing done, it’s time to make an appointment.

When these decking maintenance projects are scheduled, your painting contractor will complete thorough pressure washing to remove dirt, debris, and damaged paint from deck stairs and surrounding surfaces. That way you can be confident that you’ll know the true condition of your wooden decking, so you can make the repairs necessary, and choose the finishes and stains that will make it look better, and last longer than it would if you simply slapped on another layer of stain or paint.

Work with a Safety and Compliance Expert

Trico Painting is trusted for Roseville, CA, HOA painting and house painting work, including exterior painting, deck painting, and deck staining. Along with our partners at DMA construction, we can identify and repair weak spots in deck steps and stairs, and apply paints or stains you can be proud of. Only a licensed contractor is trained and able to help ensure you meet building codes. It’s not a goal you can achieve without professional painting contractors on your team.

If you’re a homeowner, we guarantee our work will fix any eyesores on your deck and get it back to looking like new. If you’re in property management/HOA, we work according to your compliance guidelines to keep decking and wooden stairs strong, safe, and aesthetically appealing in every unit, and every common area.

Now is the best time to schedule decking projects to ensure optimal summer fun. Don’t wait for damage to spread. Get an exterior painting services estimate from Trico Painting today, and start better protecting your decking, right away!