Blending Paints and Finishes for Your Perfect Aesthetic

Blending Paints and Finishes for Your Perfect Aesthetic

House painting can be an exciting time to dream big for how you want your home to look. Using a variety of paints and finishes gives you a chance to make a big impact, and a great first impression, inside your home and out. If you're wondering where to start, the pros at Trico Painting have some recommendations that may help. Here are some suggestions to get you started on your house painting project.

How to Get the Best Aesthetic Out of Painting

Choose Exterior Paints That Reflect Your Style

Exterior house painting services are all about getting your home exterior surfaces strengthened and resilient. When it comes to paint color selection, you have a lot of options. Here are some of our favorite ideas from the design experts at HGTV:

  • Traditional Colors with Slightly Darker Accents

  • White with Dark Trim and Red or Blue Doors

  • Sea Blues or Greens with White Trim

  • White or Neutral with Moss Green

Neutral colors have a timeless look to them. But don't be afraid to try deep, rich colors, especially with pops of white window trim painting. The results are beautiful and will make you the talk of the neighborhood. Or, if you prefer a cottage-like feel, lighter yellows and greens with light or neutral trim can blend well with the natural surroundings near your home like ivy, trees, grass, flowers, and landscaping features.

Try Different Interior Paints in Different Rooms

One of the most fun things about painting home interiors is that you can use a variety of colors. Different colors in different rooms or different areas is not only a way to express your creativity, but it gives your home uniqueness and character that make it truly one of a kind. Here are some ways you can approach this in your home:

  • Use a palette to choose similar colors that are still unique, but don't clash with one another.

  • Work with a color will to find contrasting or complementing colors.

  • Choose an accent wall to stand out in a larger, more open room or interior area.

Is there a piece of furniture you love, or favorite artwork that you want to make the star, or a room, hallway, stairwell, or entryway? Using that as a starting point, you can truly make your home with the help of professional-quality interior painting.

Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet painting is something our customers love because, in just a few days, your kitchen looks brand new. And the kitchen is another area where you can experiment with colors and finishes.

Glaze cabinet finishes can go over any color to give cabinets an impressive shine. Antique cabinet finishes preserve kitchen cabinets' natural beauty while protecting their surfaces. And of course, there are a range of kitchen cabinet paint colors to choose from, depending on your taste. Here are some things to consider when deciding how to paint cabinets:

  • How much natural light comes into your kitchen, and what colors will best reflect it?

  • Are there pieces of decor in your kitchen from which you want to draw inspiration when choosing your color palette?

  • Can you add character with accent colors and finishes?

  • Will some colors camouflage dirt, marks, or wear and tear better than others?

Add Finishing Touches with Trim Painting

Painting baseboard trim, window trim, doorframes, and crown molding is essential when bringing together the variety of exterior and interior paint finishes throughout your home.

Lighter and neutral trim colors are perfect for opening up an interior room, highlighting the color choices of walls and ceilings, and letting natural light reflect for a beautiful effect. And don't be afraid to make a statement with darker trim, especially on home exteriors. This can create a striking effect for a big impact that visitors and neighbors will love.

When scheduling house painting, Roseville, CA, calls Trico Painting. We help homeowners and HOA leadership plan and complete painting projects in a timely, safe, and efficient way that makes them proud of the results. We can make suggestions for paint color selection, stains, finishes, and more. We want painting your home to be exciting, not stressful, and we'll do whatever we can to help. Ready to get started? Contact Trico Painting to get answers about your project or get a painting estimate today!