Concrete Floor Sealing and Coating Explained

Concrete Floor Sealing and Coating Explained

Whether it's garage flooring, workshop flooring, or an outdoor sidewalk, walkway, pool deck, or patio, concrete adds smooth, durable surfaces to your home or HOA property. But even the most durable concrete is vulnerable if it's unsealed or not sealed properly. Concrete sealing and coating keeps your concrete seamless, your indoor and outdoor spaces beautiful, and your property safe.

What to Know About Concrete Floor Sealing and Coating

Unsealed Concrete Causes Problems

We've seen it happen: unsealed (or poorly sealed) concrete causes major problems. Concrete is naturally porous, so it's necessary to seal it completely to prevent moisture intrusion and temperature fluctuations from causing cracks, expansion, and other issues. These issues are more than merely cosmetic. They could lead to mold, mildew and water damage in critical areas throughout your property, including foundation damage.

A damaged foundation impacts multiple rooms, leading to more repairs in the interior. It can also affect electrical, plumbing, and other systems necessary to keep your property comfortable. Not to mention cracked concrete and uneven spots on the floor, walkway, or sidewalk pose a safety risk to you and your guests.

It's best to avoid a lengthy list of headaches and repairs by taking proactive care of your concrete with professional concrete coating and sealing services.

Coatings Offer Custom Concrete Protection

If you've noticed moisture getting in, discoloration, have found white dusting on the concrete, or are starting to find cracks, it's time to schedule your concrete finishing project.

Coatings seal the concrete to protect it from the elements, from spills, and from the wear and tear of frequent use. Concrete sealing is not a "one size fits all" operation. There are many coating options for indoor and outdoor concrete to get the finish you want, and the longevity you need.

What to Expect During a Concrete Sealing Project

You may not naturally connect painters with concrete coating. But the truth is, concrete sealers and coatings are applied in a comparable manner to primers and paints. Similarly, proper application, and matching the coating to the surface, are essential to getting the job done right and getting the results you want. Here's what you can expect when hiring painters for concrete coating:

  • Cleaning Concrete: It's important to completely clean any concrete surfaces you want coated. Removing all oil, stains, dirt, and debris from the concrete so any coatings go on smooth. If you have previously applied sealer, that sealer will need to be stripped from the surface to avoid compromising any new finishes.
  • Coating and Sealing: Using a roller or sprayer, a thin layer of coating is applied to freshly seal the concrete. Thinner is better, as you can be more certain that your concrete coatings will dry completely for maximum protection.
  • Drying and Reapplying: Once it dries fully, a second coat of concrete finish can be applied. As with the first coat, let it dry completely before stepping on your flooring, sidewalk, pool deck, or patio.

As with painting, concrete surfaces have to be cleaned, patched and repaired, prepped, and coated smoothly if they're going to stand the test of time and beautify your indoor or outdoor space.

What Can Go Wrong with DIY Concrete Coating

DIY projects often seem like an appealing way to save costs when planning property improvements, especially when the steps seem fairly straightforward. But concrete sealing is more meticulous than it appears. Unless surfaces are completely cleaned, completely stripped, completely coated, and completely dried, you're going to run into problems.

If you've seen popping, bubbling, white spots, or other discoloration on concrete surfaces, there were problems with your DIY concrete coating project. Like paint, concrete coating can flake, peel, and fade if it is improperly applied, mismatched to the surface, or put on too thick so it doesn't dry completely. While some concrete seals and coatings may be less expensive, that savings in cost may mean you're compromising on quality.

Leave Concrete Coating to the Professionals

With so many unknowns, it's best to leave concrete coating and sealing to the professionals. Trico Painting has decades of experience applying professional-grade concrete sealers and epoxy finishes to indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces for homeowners and HOAs.

We know your time, your property, and your space is valuable to you. Whether you're looking to correct concrete damage, refresh the appearance of aging concrete, or repurposing a garage or workshop, we can apply speciality finishes to your concrete to keep it going strong for years to come. There's no need to live with cracks and imperfections that could lead to unplanned, costly repairs down the road.

We'll be able to completely remove compromised finishes, match finishes we trust to the demands of your surface, and apply them with the best products during optimal conditions. You no longer have to stress over the condition of your concrete.

You can rest easy with expert concrete sealing services from the team at Trico Painting. Improve property safety, beauty, and curb appeal fast. Call us for your concrete finishing estimate today!