Don’t Let Your Front Door Be an Eyesore. Here’s How.

Don’t Let Your Front Door Be an Eyesore. Here’s How.

When admiring homes on a walk around your neighborhood, the front door is often one of the first places your eye is drawn. If you haven’t had exterior painting services done in a while, that could be bad news for the value of your property, and its first impression on neighbors, HOA leadership, and potential buyers.

The pros at Trico Painting have some recommendations when it comes to keeping your front door from becoming an eyesore.

How to Improve Your Door's Look

Paint Selection and Application

Front door paint is some of the most vulnerable paint on your property. Exterior front door paint is often the first to get dinged, chipped, marked, and cracked thanks to extra wear and tear from people, pets, foot traffic, deliveries, moving furniture, and more.

What can you do?

  • Consider high-durability coatings: The thicker the paint, the stronger the barrier of protection for your door.

  • Choose professional-grade exterior paints: Paints are designed for the surfaces they suit best. Don’t compromise on paint products or tools when painting doors and other highly visible areas of your home.

  • Check for paint damage: Exterior wood surfaces are especially prone to deterioration, even when taking special care. Check doors regularly for paint damage, as it can affect how well your home is sealed against pests, moisture, and inefficient energy use. Common paint damage includes marks or streaks, popping or bubbling, cracking, discoloration, and peeling paint.

  • Schedule paint maintenance: If it’s been several years, or if you can’t remember the last time you had doors painted, schedule painting maintenance.

Staying on top of doorway paint upkeep is a great way to keep them looking beautiful and make sure your home, apartment, or condominium is a welcoming place. Door painting also covers up minor imperfections well, making the whole area lower-maintenance.

Respecting Natural Beauty

Natural wood staining is a striking way to enhance the beauty of doors and entryways, while bringing out the natural beauty, grain, and character of wooden doors.

Door staining can protect and seal your door against moisture, dirt, and damage when properly applied. It will need more frequent upkeep than a painted door. But you don’t have to worry about not noticing issues with your door. While problems sometimes hide under paint, the translucent quality of stains allows you to see and fix problems more readily.

Structural Soundness

Exterior painting is about more than aesthetics, it’s a way to protect the structural soundness of your home or HOA property. And your doorways are no exception. But even the most durable paint will falter if the wood underneath is not in good condition.

What can you do?

  • Know the signs of wood rot: If you see spores, mushroom-like growths, or “crumbling” bits of wood anywhere near your door, wood rot has set in and needs to be addressed immediately. Even if you don’t see visible signs of damage, keep an eye out for discoloration, and alert a painting or repair contractor to any musty smells near your doorways, as these are two early signs of wood rot.

  • Don’t let wood rot or door damage go unchecked: Both wet and dry wood rot will spread if left unchecked. It’s important to repair and replace wood rot as soon as you know something is amiss, so it doesn’t cause extensive damage in multiple areas of your property.

  • Hire a painter with repair experience: When choosing an exterior painter for doors and entryways, hire painting contractors with experience completing carpentry repairs. That way they know how to assess and improve the condition of your door before applying paint, stain, and finishes.

  • Completely remove old paint or stain before applying new colors and finishes: If any paint or stain is left over underneath a new coat, you increase the likelihood of premature bubbling and paint peeling, which leaves your door more vulnerable to damage, not to mention a noticeable loss in visual appeal.

Beautiful Finishes on Every Door

Trico Painting is ready to help you paint exterior doors without stress and headaches. We completely remove old finishes and paint from doorways before applying new paint, primers, and stain. Part of our surface prep includes a partnership with DMA construction for expert carpentry repairs, so your door will be stronger for longer. If you’re looking to make a splash, we can recommend a bold, vibrant color that complements your home or HOA exterior.

If you want a timeless look, we can customize a natural wood finish that gives your door charm and character. Ready to get started? Contact Trico Painting for your exterior painting estimate today and start looking forward to a more beautiful, welcoming entryway.