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Eco Friendly Paint Products & Practices

Eco Friendly Paint Products & Practices

You care about the environment, and so do we. The interior of your home is your environment just as much as nature is. It’s important to take care of the environment you inhabit to keep your family safe and healthy. At Trico Painting we focus on using products that are environmentally friendly and have an eco-conscious design. You can choose these products for your residential painting service when you call Trico Painting.

Environmentally-friendly paints are readily available for homeowners and building managers concerned that their next painting project may have a negative impact on the environment. Low VOC paints release less volatile organic compounds during and after the paint’s use. VOCs can include chemicals like formaldehyde. These chemicals sometimes stay in an environment for months after the paint is applied.

Eco-friendly paints are developed and pigmented with minimal or no VOCs used in the process. These paints meet and exceed industry standards, so customers can be assured that the paint being applied will truly have minimal impact on the interior environment.

Additional benefits and advantages for using low VOC paints include:

  • Eco-friendly paints have less odor.
    These paints don’t have the heavy, chemical, noxious smell of normal paints.
  • Eco-friendly paints are natural and safe.
    Not only do eco-friendly paints protect the environment; they protect you and your family. These paints are made from natural sources, are safe, and have no dangerous emissions.
  • Eco-friendly paints are safe for everyone.
    Eco-friendly paints are safe for those with asthma, women who are pregnant, children, the elderly, and those with other respiratory problems.

Choosing eco-friendly paints (like ProMar 200 by Sherwin Williams) for your next interior painting project means you’re choosing paint that is safe for the environment and safe for your family. At Trico Painting, we can propose safe and eco-conscious paints for our clients from a range of manufacturers. Likewise, the paints Trico suggests are products that we have used for a long time and found them successful as both a great product as well as being eco-friendly.

Our Commitment to the environment means practicing what we preach. Starting with green, environmentally safe paints and products is just one example of how we try to be a good citizen of the earth. We are now recycling our left over paint buckets and donating them to schools and other charitable causes. We maintain a clean work environment both for safety and to minimize trash and debris. Ordering paint is a serious business to us; that's why we remain diligent about ordering the right amount of paint for the project and only leave behind enough paint for touch ups. We recycle our paint with key agencies and charitable causes on a regular basis.

We are a family owned business. Protecting the environment for our children, grandchildren and future generations is of paramount importance to us personally.