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Fresh Paint Scheme Lets You Enjoy Fall Colors Inside Your Home

Fresh Paint Scheme Lets You Enjoy Fall Colors Inside Your Home

Watching the leaves turn color is a special treat that we enjoy every fall. But you don’t have to depend on Mother Nature to get beautiful autumn hues inside your home.

Rich red, yellow, and orange are among the most attractive interior paint colors and, with just a little effort, you can make them part of your year-round decor.

Where to apply these glorious shades of autumn? Fall’s warm palette works beautifully in a dining area or den, but the fact is, these colors look wonderful in almost any room.

And don’t fret that you have to choose just one harvest hue for your home’s interior. You can mimic the splendor of autumn scenery by mixing and matching two, three, or even more warm shades of amber, orange, bronze, rust, scarlet, or smoky purple in a cornucopia of color.

One way to do that is to use two or more paint colors in a single room. You can employ the first as the wall color and the other on your trim. A more creative option is to paint three walls in one fall shade, and use an entirely different paint color on the fourth wall, as an accent.

To introduce even more autumn ambiance, consider painting adjacent rooms in different shades of gold, bronze, or crimson. The views from one room to the other will be reminiscent of fall scenery, revealing multiple layers of gorgeous color.

And don’t think you have to stop with the walls and woodwork; they aren’t the only places to incorporate autumn colors into your decor. Consider painting a favorite piece of furniture, a fireplace mantle, or a built-in bookcase in a harvest hue. As long as you draw inspiration from nature’s palette and mirror the great outdoors, you won’t go wrong.

What type of paint to use for your project? Since vibrant color is at the heart of any “faux fall” color scheme, favor a fade-resistant product. Finding one is simple: Just choose a top quality 100% acrylic latex paint – it will not only be colorfast, but also extremely tough, durable and long-lasting.

Once your new paint scheme is in place, don’t be surprised if you feel a nice warm glow. It could simply be due to the satisfaction of finishing a job well done. But colors in the yellow, orange and red families have the capacity to make us feel warmer, literally, so revel in the warmth. It’s something you and your family will really appreciate as winter sets in.

So, if you’re a fan of autumn color and want to celebrate it in a different way this year, harvest some glorious interior paint color in your favorite fall shades. It’s a great way to extend the beauty of the season!

Debbie Zimmer

Debbie Zimmer is editor-in-chief of the Paint Quality Institute blog. She's a widely cited authority on color, use of paints in interior and exterior design, and decorative painting techniques. She can be found on Twitter as @PaintQualityIns.