Get Your Deck Ready for Summer and HOA Compliant

Get Your Deck Ready for Summer and HOA Compliant

You can't bring your HOA common area decking inside. It's always exposed to rain and temperature fluctuations. If your tenants and neighbors are ready for summer barbecues and pool parties on the outdoor deck, you’d better make sure your deck is ready, too.

How to Prepare Your HOA Deck for Summer

When to Get HOA Deck Maintenance Done

Professional exterior painters recommend deck refinishing every two to three years. If you can't remember the last time you had your HOA deck serviced, or if you can't remember the last time you had it worked on, it's time to reach out to your local painting contractor.

You'll be able to tell if your decking has lost some luster over time. The stain or paint can discolor and may even start to chip. Scheduling deck refinishing at the first sign of stain or paint damage is always a good investment since the problems you're noticing won't improve without intervention.

Decking damage can also be lurking under the surface of older decking stains. If you notice cracking, peeling, discoloration, dry rot, or mildew growth, it's past time to get decking maintenance. It must be a priority, since wood rot spreads and can cause damage to the surrounding exterior paint and surfaces. That's a nightmare for property managers and tenants alike. Here's what Trico Painting recommends to keep your decking HOA compliant.

Where to Look for Decking Damage and Deterioration

Because decking deterioration is not always readily apparent, we recommend inspecting your HOA property for decking damage in the following key areas:

  • Stairs

  • Balconies

  • Railings

  • Gazebos

  • Pergolas

  • Benches

  • Gates

  • Doors

  • Fences

  • Wooden Swings

Along with deck flooring, cracked and damaged deck stairs, wooden balconies, or deck railings are a liability and safety hazard. Gazebos and pergolas need regular maintenance, especially if you've had heavy rains, to avoid damage to the roof/supporting beams. And it's always a good idea to refinish wooden benches, swings, fencing, gates, and doors around your HOA property for a more consistent aesthetic and more inviting outdoor space.

How to Choose an HOA Decking Contractor

When hiring HOA/apartment/condominium complex decking maintenance, be sure to do your homework. Ask these questions when interviewing decking contractors:

  • Does your company have experience and a solid reputation with refinishing decking and exterior woodwork for HOA communities?

  • Are you comfortable with and equipped to adhere to rigorous health and safety guidelines?

  • May I see your HOA services portfolio?

  • Who are some of your satisfied clients?

  • Can you complete multiple staining, painting, and maintenance projects in a timely fashion?

  • What steps do you take to ensure minimal disruption of neighborhood/tenant convenience?

Getting answers you need upfront will help you complete maintenance and painting projects with confidence, plus you’ll get more of your HOA leadership on board from the start.

Trust Trico Painting for HOA Decking Maintenance

Roseville, CA, HOA painting is done by the dedicated, caring professionals at Trico Painting. We're experienced at completing projects across large HOA properties and will help you prioritize safety, convenience, and beautiful results. Here's what you can expect when you hire Trico Painting for deck refinishing services:

  1. Inspection/Consultation: As part of your decking consultation, we examine your property's decking and exterior woodwork thoroughly. We alert you to any damage or issues and make customized recommendations for repair, finishes, and any additional exterior painting services that will fortify your decking.

  2. Cleaning/Remediation: Using chemical and/or pressure washing techniques, we carefully remove mildew, dirt, grime, mold, and other airborne pollutants clinging to your decking and exterior wood. We completely repair and replace any wood rot before moving forward with stains and coatings, so you know that your deck refinishing gets done on the strongest possible foundation.

  3. Coating: We apply the deck stain, paint, or wood sealer that will protect your deck and make it look more beautiful for years to come. Painted decks hide minor surface imperfections, while natural wood finishing is a great choice if you want to bring out the unique character and grain of the wood. Whatever your desired impact and aesthetic, we'll help you find a good match.

Don't wait to improve decking for your HOA property, especially if you've spotted signs of discoloration or damage. Call Trico Painting for your HOA deck refinishing estimate today.