Give Your Retirement Community Some TLC This Holiday Season

Give Your Retirement Community Some TLC This Holiday Season

Your retirement community thrives on being a welcoming place that residents can call home. So naturally, like any other home, your buildings and units will require upkeep to maintain that ambiance and keep your clientele happy and comfortable. The holidays are a perfect time to make those necessary upgrades to your retirement community – like painting, wood staining, and refinishing. Here are some ideas.

Interior Painting for Your Common Spaces

Whether it’s a new resident moving in or a family touring your facility to see if it's the right fit for a loved one, the first impression they get often happens in the lobby. If you’re working within walls that have cracked, chipped paint – or worse, peeling wallpaper – it’s time for an update.

And this can come in the form of a professional interior painting job that only takes a couple of weeks over the holidays – when many of your residents might be visiting loved ones. Old, outdated wallpaper can be removed and replaced. Fresh coats of paint in colors that complement your overall aesthetic can be applied. And working with a professional painting team will ensure that the job gets done on time, on budget, and to the highest standard.

Exterior Painting for More Appealing Outdoor Spaces

It’s not just the inside of your retirement community that needs to feel modern and welcoming. You’ll need to refresh your exterior painting every few years, depending on the types of surfaces you have (stucco, brick, metal, wood, etc.), the types of paint used, and the climate in your region.

Whether it’s harsh winters with wind and precipitation that cause peeling or lifting of the paint or excess sun exposure that leads to faded colors, professional painters can help get things back in shape. Remember that your residents and their families are spending time strolling your building’s exteriors, so you want the surfaces to look clean and tidy for them – as well as any potential future tenants.

Painting the Baseboards and Molding

If your retirement community has crown molding or baseboards – whether in the individual units or in the common spaces – these will need repainting from time to time as well. These spaces can get particularly beat up with scuffs, scratches, and dents from wheelchairs, suitcases, and moving furniture.

Crown painting, trim molding, and baseboard painting can help minimize the appearance of this wear and tear and give the room a refreshed look fairly quickly. And during a professional baseboard painting job, the painters can make any necessary repairs.

Try Wood Staining on Cabinets and Doors

If your building has a fair amount of wood – whether in its cabinetry, doors, or floors – you can also employ professional painters for a wood staining job. Staining cabinets is an easy way to modernize their look without having to fully replace them.

And wood floor refinishing can leave entire rooms and hallways with tired wood floors looking like new as you ring in the new year!

Trico’s Proven Track Record

Leave your retirement community’s upgrades in the right hands and ensure maximum success by trusting experts with decades of experience. If you’re located in Roseville, CA or the surrounding areas, contact Trico to discuss your desired upgrades this holiday season. We’ll work with you on your timeline and budget, show you our portfolio, review your project goals, and answer any questions you may have.