Are You Getting A Discount From A Painting Contractor?

Are You Getting A Discount From A  Painting Contractor?

$500 OFF - Really? - Free Pressure Washing ? How About A Week In Hawaii?

 Are You Getting A Discount From A  Painting Contractor?

How do you know or more importantly how could you know if a contractor is giving you a discount or a free anything in your pricing?

The simple answer is you don't and can't because virtually every project is different. Each bid we go on is unique so a one size fits all discount couldn't possibly apply.

For example if we were offering 25 cents off a bottle of Ketchup and you knew the price was always $1.00 at every grocery and it was marked .75 then that would be easy to verify that we were actually giving you .25 cents off of your purchase.

In the paint world things aren't that clear. A painting contractor can look at the same type of home with same square footage and built the same year and come up with significantly different prices.

Why? There are several different reasons why house 1 and house 2 could have and most likely will have different prices:

1. Home owner one has maintained their home and they have repainted as needed. The preparation on this home would take one day to complete.

2. Home owner two has not maintained their home. They have never painted and the preparation process will take 1-2 additional days of labor.

3. Home owner one and home owner two are requesting different products or additional coats, have multiple colors or a number of other variables that can effect the price.

Variable is the key word of why not all prices are the same and so confirming if a discount was included in your price would be impossible.

Real or Fake? - FAKE

Here is another scenario to consider when determining how the $500.00 off or Free Pressure Washing or Free Bedroom could easily be disproved.

Let's assume you have three estimates for your project. Paint company (A), paint company (B) and paint company (C). Each estimate is identical in scope, type of products, the paint supplier, the number of coats being applied and the type of preparation.

Paint company (A) is offering a $500.00 Discount on Exterior Painting and his price proposal is $4,500.00

Paint company (B) is offering Free Pressure Washing and his price is $4,450.00

Paint company (C) has NO discounts and NO Free Services and his price is $4,250.00

If you chose Paint company (A) your $500.00 discount will actually cost you $250.00 more than (C)

If you chose Paint company (B) your Free Pressure Washing was an additional $200.00 over Paint company (C)

Paint company (C) is the best deal with no gimmicks and no fake discounts at $4,250.00

Question 1: If you opted out on the free pressure washing, would Paint Company (B) just paint over mold, mildew, dirt and loose paint?

Question 2: If they're not being honest about the discounts what else should you be worried about? EVERYTHING

If There's No Fixed Price List ---- The Fix Is In

The reality is you are never being offered any discount or anything else for FREE.

Why-? Because painters don't have a fixed price list. We don't work from the same play book. Some painting contractors have high overhead cost like advertising, insurance, vehicles, warehouse and office space. Other paint company's have very little overhead- no employees, no significant insurance cost, or warehouse and they don't advertise. Painting contractors use different supplier and have different pricing structures from those suppliers. Some contractors use lower quality paint and some use the best products on the market.

There are many reasons why some estimates are higher and some estimates are lower. Fake discounts are not one of them.

A painting contractor that is telling you that he is giving you a $500.00 discount or any discount before he has even inspected the project is like a mechanic telling you why your engine light is on from 500 miles away.