Who Has The Best House Painting Reviews?

Who Has The Best House Painting Reviews?

Our reviews tell the story. Our blog tells you why.

 Who Has The Best House Painting Reviews?

Customer service is everything in the house painting business. Understanding our customers needs and meeting their expectations is job one at Trico Painting. Our painters, office management and sales representatives are always looking for ways to deliver a better way for a better experience and outcome for our customers.

We end every week with a staff meeting to discuss what went right and what we can improve on. We share our customers feedback from the field and implement any new ideas that can improve our performance into our weekly routine and make them part of our policy for future projects.

Our weekly staff meetings also include training from vendors like Sherwin Williams and Knights Paints. Education plays an important role at Trico Painting. Understanding the products that we are recommending to our customers is critical for our operational success.

 Who Has The Best House Painting Reviews?

Learning about new tools, safety equipment and methods used for applying primers and paint also plays an important role.

Using the best tools and the best house paint for the job as well as continued education and training will guarantee the best results on every job.

Communication plays an equally important role at Trico Painting. Helping our customers to understand on how to prepare for a painting project and what to expect during the job including our arrival times, the products we are using, are departure time, the length of the project, closing and inspecting the project are all part of the process.

We are not shy to send emails and reminders about the project. Staying organized and having well documented notes with your color information as well as the details about your project and any special concerns that will help your project end on a positive note are all part of the process.

All of your project details are uploaded and shared on the Tablets that our provided to our crew leaders, operations Manager and our sales team. This information is reviewed with our customer at the beginning of every job to confirm that the right colors and products have been delivered. We review the scope of work to make sure we have a clear mission so we can avoid any misunderstandings at the end of the job. We will also confirm when the job will be completed.

Every job is finished with a detailed inspection with the home-owner, crew leader and an operations manager. We look for any areas that need to be addressed or corrected and only upon completion of these items will our customers be requested to pay.

We encourage all of our future customers to spend some time researching our company on sites such as Yelp, Google, Nextdoor, Angie's List, Facebook and more.