What Is The Truth About House Painting Warranties?

What Is The Truth About House Painting Warranties?

Let's talk warranties.

Most painting contractors will offer a warranty as part of their proposal / contract. Some offer 3 years, some offer 4 years and some painting contractors will even offer 10 years or more.

The questions you should be asking are: What does the warranty cover? Is it a labor only warranty or a labor and material warranty? Is the warranty part of a manufacturer's warranty like a Sherwin Williams Duration limited life time warranty? Is the entire project covered by the warranty or are there exclusions spelled out such as doors, decks, flat surfaces that collect water, etc.?

Other important information and items to consider if a warranty is an important factor in your decision making are: How long has the painting contractor been in business? Is the painting contractor planning on retiring or selling his business? What kind of track record does the painting contractor have? What do his reviews on social media sites like Yelp, Nextdoor and Google say about their service? How many reviews does the painting contractor have?

Why do warranties differ from contractor to contractor?

The simple answer is some painting contractors are marketing big long warranties as part of their sales strategy hoping you never call or you sell your home. Legitimate contractors are more realistic with their warranties and will actually respond to your phone call if an issue comes up that needs to be addressed. The facts are, most paint issues (Other than fading) will typically happen in the first 18 months of a paint job. Paint failures and or major paint issues are extremely rare.

Here are the facts

The facts are: The State Of California requires that every contractor warranty their work for one year. Any additional time is up to the contractor. Most contractors will offer an additional 2-4 years on top of the one year requirement.

If a Contractor offers anything beyond 5 years, there's a good chance that warranty will not be honored by the contractor. Furthermore, what is the likelihood that he/she is still in business in 5 years?

If you do have an issue with your painting project, a good business owner will want to know about it no matter how long ago your project was completed. Likewise, a reputable painting contractor will try to assist you with a solution to correct or fix the problem.

Good will goes a long way.