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How Many Coats Are You Really Getting?

How Many Coats Are You Really Getting?

When you're getting an estimate for painting many painting contractors are offering two coats of paint as part of their pricing.

The question is, are you really getting two coats of paint?

The answer is, it depends on how your painter defines two coats of paint. In most cases painters will define two coats as a spray and back-roll as two coats of paint. This is NOT two coats of paint.

Paint manufacturer's like Sherwin Williams and painting contractors like Trico Painting, define two coats as applying one coat of paint per the manufacturer's recommendations and allowing the first coat to completely dry before applying a second coat.

Is a second coat necessary?

 How Many Coats Are You Really Getting?

Using a higher grade paint or a coating like an elastomeric will normally eliminate the need for a second coat of paint. In fact, Sherwin Williams will offer a life time warranty with one coat of Duration on a previously painted home.

The simple answer is, unless the home has missed a paint job or two a second coat is really not needed.

A reputable contractor will spell out and define exactly what two coats will represent on your project.

If you're not clear on weather or not you are actually getting two coats make sure you have that conversation with your contractor so there are no misunderstandings at the end of the project.

If your contractor is offering two coats of paint then -DEMAND IT AND VERIFY IT- You Paid For It.

Check out our two coat video to see what a second coat looks like while it's being applied.