How Saltwater Impacts Your Decking and Exterior

How Saltwater Impacts Your Decking and Exterior

Living by the water is one of the best parts of living in or near Roseville, CA. But are your wooden decking and home exterior paints safe against saltwater? Trico Painting has some insights as local house painters with experience painting beachside homes and HOA communities.

What to Know About Decking and Saltwater

How Saltwater Affects Wood

The damage done to wooden decking and exterior walls is due to a combination of salt and sun. Saltwater can accelerate the deterioration of wood. If harsh UV rays have dried out wood surfaces, cracks form. That leaves an opening for moisture deterioration, which means wood rot is just around the corner.

Proactive Repair and Remediation

If you've noticed wear and tear on your decking and exteriors after a few years of living in your beachside home, the best approach is a proactive one. After all, any cracks caused by saltwater and any finish deterioration will only worsen with time, meaning more extensive and costly repairs for you and less time to enjoy yourself outside. Here are some repair and remediation solutions our experts recommend:

  • Timeliness: If it's been more than 3 years, it's probably time to check your decking and refinish its surfaces. Exterior paint should be reapplied every 5-10 years depending on your finishes and the condition of your exteriors.

  • Deep Cleaning: Pressure washing services deep clean both your deck and your home exterior. Removing the mold and mildew that often happens in high-saltwater areas is one of the most effective ways to prevent surface deterioration. It's also an essential first step toward any painting or refinishing you plan to do.

  • Wood Rot Repair: If UV light and saltwater have caused wood rot, wood rot repair and replacement is essential for long-term deck stability. Professional wood rot remediation ensures all damage is removed, new boards are correctly measured and installed, and the entire surface will have a uniform appearance.

  • Deck Refinishing: Deck refinishing services take all the guesswork out of protecting your decking. Professional exterior painting contractors know the right conditions to stain and apply natural wood finishing and the ideal products to use for the performance and finish you need. They always allow adequate drying time and have everything on hand to manage and complete all steps of the project. So you never have to wonder if something is missing from the to-do list.

Another Option: Composite Surfaces

Composite lumber is a synthetic wood material made from a mixture of wood fiber, plastic, and a binding agent. The plastic essentially encases the wood, forming a stronger, denser, and heavier surface than wood alone.

If your home exterior, back patio, or decking is made from composite, you have the benefit of an additional dimension of moisture resistance that will guard against deterioration. The same is true for wood composite siding. The downside is, unless you already have these materials installed, you'll have to add the time and cost of home exterior and deck reconstruction, which is likely stressful and impractical.

You Can Still Protect True Wood Decking and Walls

Even without composite material, there are plenty of ways to protect your property with the best exterior painting products available.

  • Long-Lasting Deck Stains: All deck stains are designed to shield decking from moisture. But solid deck stains offer the highest degree of coverage. Water-based stains tend to outperform oil-based ones, meaning you can wait a few years before scheduling another deck refinishing project.

  • High-Durability Exterior Paints: For home exteriors often exposed to saltwater, elastomeric paint is an excellent choice. Solid waterproofing and effective heat-proofing make it more resilient against water and sunlight than other types of paint.

We're Ready to Protect Your Home and Deck

Now is the perfect time to schedule your decking and home exterior improvement projects. Trico Painting is ready to take on both to help beautify your deck, and your home, for years to come.

With long-lasting results that come from in-depth knowledge of products and techniques, we're the trusted team for Roseville, CA house painting and HOA painting projects, including exterior painting, deck refinishing, and more.

Enjoy the fun of living by the water and sun without stressing about the future. Contact Trico Painting for yourexterior painting services estimate today.