How to Bring Out the Beauty of Your Wood Siding

How to Bring Out the Beauty of Your Wood Siding

If your home exterior includes wood siding, you want to preserve its beauty and protect the finish. Trico Painting has some expert recommendations for bringing out the best in wood siding while maintaining its unique character.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Siding

Creative Exterior Painting

Your home exterior painting never has to be one note. You can get creative, especially if you have a variety of textures and finishes on your exterior walls. Choose a color palette that will highlight, rather than mask, the natural grain, and texture of your wood siding, then use complementary colors on the surrounding surfaces and features.

In general, lighter colors are a good choice if you want to achieve this effect: try white, light blue, light gray, or whatever neutral or light color works best with your chosen color scheme.

If you know you want to make changes but you're not sure which direction to go, your exterior painting contractor can help you narrow things down by showing you their portfolio or helping you find colors that work well together using a color wheel.

Door, Trim, and Window Painting

Door and window painting is a great opportunity to make sure your siding has a variety of textures and colors to stand out against. Here are a few things that look impressive with wood siding painted in lighter, white, or neutral colors:

  • Dark Shutters: Dark shutters provide a beautiful contrast with lighter-painted wood siding. Some favorite colors of our clients include dark gray, hunter green, and deep red shades. But there are many more possibilities!

  • Natural Wood Finishes: Door staining adds a richness that contrasts well with wood siding. There are a wide range of natural wood finishes available depending on the wood your door is made from, so you're sure to find something that works well with your color scheme while giving your exterior a classic, warm look.

  • Bright, Bold Doors and Entryways: Bold reds, blues, and greens look fabulous on doorways near wood siding, drawing attention to those areas, and making your home the talk of the neighborhood.

  • Trim Painting: Exterior trim painting is typically done in white or black, and either one is a great match for a wide range of exterior wood siding

Exterior Carpentry Repair and Gutter Maintenance

Wood is naturally beautiful, but can be vulnerable if not regularly cleaned, maintained, and cared for. Your siding is no different. That's why exterior carpentry repairs are critical. Without strong surfaces, your paint won't last long. And no one wants the added expense of an exterior repaint years before they originally planned it.

Some carpentry repair needs are obvious: chipped, damaged, or rotting wood siding needs to be addressed immediately so your home interior isn't compromised and wood rot doesn't spread.

In other cases, your exterior painting contractor may discover surface damage after pressure washing and otherwise removing old paint, stains, and finishes. Once repairs are completed, wood siding painting can be done with confidence, knowing there's no risk of pest issues, moisture intrusion, mold, or mildew affecting the exterior or interior walls of your home.

For the same reasons, make sure you keep an eye on your gutters. Sagging, cracked, or clogged gutters can cause the surrounding wood siding to deteriorate prematurely. If you've noticed any of these signs of gutter damage, if you can't remember the last time you've had your gutters checked, or if it's been more than 10 years, It's time to schedule gutter inspection and repair to protect your home.

Work with a Siding Expert

Working with local house painters means your painting team will know your area, including how local weather may have affected your wood siding, and painting trends for some of the area's most valuable homes and HOA properties.

Trico Painting is trusted for Roseville, CA exterior painting, including wood siding painting. We are committed to the highest standards of on-the-job safety and surface prep, so you know your project will be streamlined, and you'll get the best possible results from your paints and finishes.

If we notice any issues with damaged wood siding, exterior woodwork, or gutters, our partners at DMA construction are ready to help with wood rot replacement and carpentry repairs.

There's a lot you can do to improve and enhance the beauty of wood siding, and it will only look better with a professional touch. Ready to get started? Contact Trico Painting for your exterior painting estimate today!