How to Enhance Your Vaulted Ceilings

How to Enhance Your Vaulted Ceilings

Whether your home style is rustic, modern, or farmhouse, a vaulted ceiling is a great way to give the appearance of space and elegance, if done right. What is a vaulted ceiling? This angled or arched ceiling extends into the space of where the roof would be, higher than the normal 8- or 10-foot ceiling.

Have you been contemplating sprucing up your vaulted ceilings? Let 2022 be the year you do so. Enhancing these ceilings can be tricky though. And while a fresh coat of paint can easily transform a space, there are other options aside from interior painting. Here are some vaulted ceiling ideas from the experts at Trico Painting.

How to Improve Vaulted Ceilings

Interior Painting

It’s no secret that the point of a vaulted ceiling is to open up a space, so when choosing a paint color, you want to choose something that compliments your walls. Picking too bold or dark of a color can shrink the appearance of a room or cause your walls and decor to compete with the ceiling, leaving your space feeling crowded and cluttered.

While brighter is not always better, a good white paint can make your space vibrant but not too busy. A couple other options are cream or beige. Soft colors such as these provide a welcoming and warm environment as they easily tie in with your furniture and decor.

If you’re struggling to choose a color, when you work with one of our residential interior painting contractors, as part of our comprehensive interior painting services, we help determine what color palette best suits your style.

Adding a Light Fixture or Window

Naturally, your eyes are drawn up when you walk into a house with a vaulted ceiling. Aside from a paint job, adding a light fixture to the space can change the entire feel of the room, from bright and airy to dark and moody to elegant and cozy. Here are three types of light fixtures we recommend:

  • Chandelier
  • Pendant Light
  • Wall Sconces

One of the main aspects of having vaulted ceilings is to open up the space. With more space comes the opportunity for more natural light. Create a cozy but airy space by incorporating some beautiful French windows.

If you have a view that you love to see, adding in wall to ceiling windows could be the perfect addition to your space, giving you access to your perfect view every time you walk into the room.

Wall to ceiling windows aren’t for everyone though. Another type of window that enhances this type of ceiling is a skylight. Rather than look ahead for that natural light, you can instead look up, as the light shines down through a skylight or two.

Bring in the Professionals

While the feel and look of vaulted ceilings may seem simple, sprucing them up can be a lot of work.

The experts at Trico Painting are ready to help give your space the makeover it deserves. We can help you determine what color palettes are best for your space. By the time we finish painting, you won’t even know we were there. Enjoy the new year by contacting us to get your interior painting services estimate today.