How to Ensure Your Apartment Building is Enticing to Potential Tenants

How to Ensure Your Apartment Building is Enticing to Potential Tenants

If you own or manage an apartment building, you know the impact that hundreds or thousands of tenants can have over the years. Besides the wear and tear that takes place within each unit, there’s also the high traffic areas to take into account – like hallways, fitness centers, patios and pool decks, lobbies, and lounges. Here are some ways to boost your apartment building’s curb appeal so you can entice new renters (and keep the ones you have.)

Ways to Boost Your Apartment Building’s Curb Appeal

Taking Care of the Exterior Paint

The exterior of your building – including the walls, roof, doors, and window frames – is your first chance to make a lasting impression on potential tenants. So if your exterior paint is faded, peeling, blistering, or even mildewing, it can turn a new client away before you get the chance to even give them a tour.

Your apartment building’s exterior is subject to weathering from the elements of various seasons, which is something the interior doesn’t necessarily face. So get a professional exterior painting job done every few years to protect not only your building’s appealing aesthetic, but the integrity of its foundation.

Don’t necessarily need an entire exterior painting job done? Pressure washing is an excellent alternative to give your exterior walls, roofs, and stonework a “like new” look by removing debris and revealing a clean surface beneath. Got a pool area or patio at your apartment building? Remember to pressure wash or paint those amenity areas too.

Giving Interior Paint a Refresh

Of course, regularly refreshing the interior paint is just as important as maintaining the exterior of the building. You don’t want guests to be wowed by a building that looks brand new on the outside only to discover dated, faded, or cracked paint when they tour a unit.

Particularly for units with lots of windows or west-facing views, the sun can quickly fade a coat of paint. Additionally, tenants may be hard on the walls and floors, and paint can easily be chipped or dinged, especially upon move-in and move-out transitions. And don’t forget the ceilings! Often, when there’s a leak repaired in a unit, the ceiling of the unit below it goes unforgotten. Stains are unsightly and a surefire way to turn tenants away, so getting a professional interior painting job every few years is critical.

Simple In-Unit Improvements

If you don’t have the time or resources to remodel your units, you can give them a few easier updates that will help them look a little more modern. Cabinet restoration is a great way to make old, outdated kitchens look new – even without necessarily replacing the appliances or countertops. Cabinet refinishing doesn’t even require the cabinets to be swapped out, it simply gives them a fresh look.

And if you’ve still got popcorn ceilings, it’s time to consider popcorn ceiling removal services. Nothing screams “outdated” like a bumpy popcorn look on apartment ceilings.

Trico Can Help With Your Updates

Don’t lose a single potential tenant due to your apartment building’s aesthetic. If you’re located in Roseville, CA or the surrounding areas, give us a call to discuss how we can help with your improvement projects, completing them on time and on budget.