How To Hire The Best Kitchen Cabinet Painting Contractor

How To Hire The Best Kitchen Cabinet Painting Contractor
 How To Hire The Best Kitchen Cabinet Painting Contractor

These before and after pictures say it all: the right paint can transform any kitchen from a tired and outdated room into a beautiful and modern day kitchen!

The first step starts with your interest and contacting Trico Painting. We visit your home to provide a detailed explanation of our process as well as listening to your desires, expectations and goals. Next, we measure and count how many drawers and doors will be included. Many of our customers will request that additional areas be included in a single project. We are more than happy to list these areas and include them in our estimate.

After we have gathered all of our information, we review our notes with our clients: what areas will be included, what type of finishes and the sheen for which we will be providing a price as well as answering any remaining questions.

Signing the contract is your next step in this process. Our office personnel will call to schedule shortly after. Likewise, we immediately send out the "We've Scheduled Your Job!" email. It provides important information and links to Preparation Instructions and Color Forms. In addition, there are some instructional cartoons as well.

7 days before your job starts we send out the "Your Paint Is Arriving Early and Other Important Information About Your Project!" email which includes more important information such as when to expect your material to be delivered, our daily arrival and departure times, deposit and payment information, suggestions for staying or making other arrangements for lodging, our work space requirements and more. Please take time to read all this material as it makes your project run smoother and lessens any anxiety you may feel.

In an effort to communicate clearly on what to expect and as a reminder notices about the project, our clients will continue to receive emails with important announcements and updates up until the day before we arrive. These emails are important and our clients are encouraged to read them, respond to them and call our office if we are not clear or if there are any remaining questions.

The first day of the project begins with a meeting between our client, our foreman and one of our manager-estimators. These meetings confirm the scope of work, that the color information provided by our client matches the products that have been delivered to the job site and address any additional concerns or last minute changes and add-ons.

Trico Painting Cabinet Shop

For cabinet painting projects, the garage is our shop -- it's is where the magic happens! We begin by completely masking off your garage and setting up our spray booth. Next we remove all of the drawers and doors from the areas we have been contracted to paint and stage them in the garage for cleaning, sanding, priming and painting. All of cabinets that we are painting will receive two coats of Benjamin Moore Advanced enamel as well as an initial layer of primer.


We mask off all areas to protect non painted surfaces from paint spills and over-spray. Zip walls will be used to control dust and fumes. The frames (or boxes) will receive the same level of preparation as the doors and drawers. All substrates are sprayed using a fine finish tip to ensure a rich smooth finish.

During the project, our operations manager will be in constant contact with your foreman. Likewise, your Estimator will inspect the project on a regular basis to ensure a positive outcome at the end of the project. Should you be in the vacinty, we are always happy to meet our customers during the job to discuss the progress and answer any questions or address any issues. Once we have completed the painting, we will re-install of the cabinets and drawers. We will unmask, sweep and complete our clean-up and touch up. At this point, our manager will contact the customer to schedule a walk through and final inspection. We will coordinate the inspection with our foreman, a project manager and our client. Any items that need to be corrected will be completed before we receive our final payment for the project.

We have several videos, pictures and reviews about our services and our work on our website as well as our Facebook, YouTube and Yelp pages. We hope that you will take the time to review our website and research our company.