How to Keep An Endless Summer Vibe Year-Round

How to Keep An Endless Summer Vibe Year-Round

Every season has its perks, but there's just something special about the summertime. The warm nights, long days, and endless sense of adventure can be hard to give up once the seasons change.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could keep those summer vibes going strong all year long? It turns out that with the right decor work, you can capture the summer season for as long as you want!

Summer home decor can be just what you need to get the summer vibe you want. If you're serious about making your endless summer happen, consider following some of these decorating tips.

How to Preserve the Summer Aesthetic

Put the Outdoors Indoors

Spring is known as the planting season, but summer is when you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Summer brings plenty of greenery to people through verdant lawns, fresh fruits and vegetables, and tons of flowers. Capture those fresh feelings by putting some greenery in your home.

People who aren't big on plants may want to settle for an accent wall painted in bright summer greens, yellows, or other vibrant colors.

If you want a stylish and functional way to bring the colors of summer to your home, consider putting a windowsill herb garden in your kitchen. You’ll be able to cook with the freshest ingredients and be brought back to summer in no time.

Lighten Up Colors

If there are two words that can perfectly describe summer, “relaxed” and “bright” would be top contenders. Capture those summer vibes and use a residential painting service to brighten up your walls.

Neutrals and layered earth tones are the perfect colors for a summer aesthetic. Play around with different shades of ivory, taupe, cream, and sepia for a fresh and bright look. If you’re feeling bold, pair those colors with light wood furniture made from birch, pine, or poplar.

There are plenty of colors you can add to the walls that can make you think of summer! Subtle shades of ochre, salmon, olive green, sage, or even tangerine can work year-round.

Play with Decor Elements

Take time to think about what you truly love about the summer. When you pinpoint what it is about the season that gives you so much joy, you can think about ways to incorporate your favorite things into your decor naturally.

Do you live for long summer days at the beach? Adding some jars of sand and seashells to your home office can make you feel like you're taking a beach day at work!

If your favorite parts of summer are a bit less tangible, remember that a picture can say a thousand words. Try putting up some of your favorite summer scenes or pictures from summer moments on your walls.

Keep the Summer Vibe Forever

When you use the right decor elements, you can keep that summer vibe going as long as you want! If you're ready to make your endless summer happen, we're ready to help make your perfect summer decor.

Whether you're ready to share your summer vibe ideas or need help coming up with the perfect look, contact us today so we can start planning your ultimate home makeover.