How to Make Interior Paint Reflect Your Favorite Season Without Being Outdated

How to Make Interior Paint Reflect Your Favorite Season Without Being Outdated

Whether you love the lazy days of summer, the brightness of spring, or the coziness of autumn leaves and winter evenings, there are ways for your interior painting to reflect your favorite times of year. And the best part is, you can live in your favorite season without dating your rooms. Here are some tips for choosing seasonally inspired yet timeless colors for your interior repaint.

Start with a Feeling

Sure, certain colors remind you of spring, summer, fall, and winter. But thinking deeper about how those seasons make you feel and the atmosphere they create can help narrow down your color choices. As unusual as it seems, color influences perceptions, emotions, and behavior in people.

Colors in our surroundings can even influence the taste of food! There's a large body of color psychology research that shows how various colors influence people in scientific studies. Starting with a feeling you want to recreate in a room, you can find your way to a color that will create the feelings of that season for you. For example:

  • Spring brings a sense of brightness and lightness with it. Choosing a pale green, yellow, or neutral can create a springtime feeling in any room.

  • Summer memories bring an open, airy feeling to mind. Whites, lighter neutrals, and light/bright blues will take you right back to your favorite summer days.

  • Fall and winter make us want to get warm and cozy. Earth-tone neutrals and colors with red hues can give that comfortable "at home" feeling we love about coming inside during the chillier times of the year.

Use a Color Wheel

To make your choices, you'll have to explore a range of colors. A color wheel is an excellent way to do this, because it shows you complementary and contrasting colors you can bring into the space to make a big impact.

As you look through the color wheel, note how you feel, what your first impressions are, and any memories that come up. Are those memories or impressions tied to a particular season, a type of weather, or a specific holiday during your favorite time of year? If so, those colors are strong candidates for your interior painting project.

Consider Lighting and Decor

Lighting is going to affect the atmosphere of a room and the impact of any new interior paint you add to the walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and trim. While making paint color selections, remember that natural light helps a room feel lighter and more open. Dimmer, soft lighting can give a room a warmer, cozier feel, and lighter, more reflective paint colors will make the whole room feel brighter and lighter, no matter the season.

Decor is a wonderful way to bring a season to mind while still staying in relatively neutral, light, or muted color families. If you're not ready to make a dramatic change to the wall color, consider adding furnishings, art, framed photographs, and other decor that remind you of your favorite season. How does it work with your paint colors? Do you need to go lighter, more neutral, or bolder to get the look you want?

Think About Accent Walls

If you're not ready to make the leap and paint an entire room according to your favorite season, adding that color to an accent wall is a great way to start. Accent walls give you the chance to add a pop of color to make a big statement and help you adjust to the impact of an interior paint color change. You can see how the color interacts with the lighting, decor, and other features of the room in a way that you wouldn't from a color wheel or swatch. Plus, it's a great conversation starter that gives you a chance to reminisce with friends and visitors about your favorite time of year. If you want to bring in even more visual impact, wall texturing can be incorporated to make the accent wall a focal point of the room.

Customize Colors with Help from an Expert

It can feel overwhelming to completely change the color and atmosphere of a room, but it doesn't have to be stressful. At Trico Painting, we love the way a coat of paint can transform a room, a person's mood, and the whole feeling a space creates. We are experienced in customizing color combinations and finishes, creating the perfect aesthetic as part of our interior painting services.

You don't have to worry about paint showing up too dark, too light, or without the "wow factor.” As local house painters, our interior painting contractors know the ins and outs of seasonal weather and natural lighting trends and how they’ll work with interior paint finishes. And we’ll apply the right blend and amount of paint so you don’t have to settle for a color or shade that isn’t what you want.

We'll work together to help you choose professional-grade paints and finishes that enhance any room, bring back your favorite memories, and never date a space. Ready to live in your favorite season all year long? Contact Trico Painting for your interior painting services estimate today.