How to Make Your Garage Another Living Space with Paint

How to Make Your Garage Another Living Space with Paint

If you're like most of us, you probably don't park in your garage. So why not make the most of a space that's already part of your home? There are many ways to transform your garage into a whole new living space, and that transformation is possible with professional-quality interior painting services. Here are some things to consider as you make a repurposed garage space your own.

What to Consider When Converting a Garage to a Living Space

Paint Walls and Ceilings

Garage wall and ceiling painting makes it seem like a whole new room without costly reconstruction or renovation. Here's what to think about when selecting paint colors and finishes:

  • The size of your space: Some paint colors can make a room feel smaller, while others can open a room up and give it a greater sense of depth and dimension.

  • Doors and windows: Are your doors and windows unique in ways you want to accentuate with accent colors or specialty finishes? Or are there other features of the room you'd rather draw more attention to?

  • Surface condition: If your garage is fairly "lived in," there are plenty of colors that can camouflage signs of age. And if it's like new or newly added, you can use high-sheen finishes, wall texturing, and more to make the room itself the star of the show.

Add or Update Wood Surfaces

Whether it's adding a bar, a "man cave," a craft room, or a game room, bringing in or updating wood surfaces can add character and sophistication to your newly repurposed garage. Whether you're updating existing surfaces or customizing the new or reclaimed wood you're bringing in, there are some things to plan for to make it look great.

  • Confirming structural strength: Be sure your wood isn't cracking, crumbling, or giving off a musty smell. If so, you'll need to get wood rot repair and replacement done before any further upgrades, re-paints, or stains.

  • Getting surfaces smooth/uniform: If you've had to replace or add in new wood beams or boards, be sure they have a uniform look, depth, and smoothness through surface cleaning and sanding.

  • Getting color/finish consistent: Smooth, seamless primer, paint, and stain application will shield counters, cabinets, and wooden detailing against moisture, wear and tear, and spills so they can be easily cleaned and maintained. A consistent aesthetic is the difference between an eyesore and a magazine-worthy room.

Incorporate and/or Repaint Storage

You probably don't want to keep leaving the new room you're creating to get supplies, food, or tools from other parts of the house. Why not bring in storage like cabinets and shelving to make things more convenient for you, your family, and your guests?

Once you've decided on storage options, cabinet painting makes the new room look more cohesive, polished, and inviting. Both painting and cabinet staining will protect and beautify your surfaces for years to come. Which option depends on the aesthetic you want, how opaque you want the finishes to be, and the color scheme you're working with for the rest of the room.

Check the Flooring

If garage flooring is unsightly or unstable, you won't be able to enjoy your new room for long. Concrete flooring is tough, but leaving it without additional protection means any investment you make in the room is at risk.

Concrete sealers are highly moisture-resistant, preventing water and other liquids from spreading and compromising the entire space. If you're looking to step up the elegance in the room, concrete staining offers customization options that immediately elevate the appearance of your new space.

Work with an Expert Team

It's not cheap to repurpose your entire garage. If you want to make that investment last, it's best to work with local house painters who have the expertise, people power, and professional-grade products to tackle all your projects from floor to ceiling.

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We'll help meet your timeline, your budget, and your vision for the new room, making the most of the light, colors, and textures in your space. Ready to enjoy your home more than ever? Contact Trico Painting for your interior painting estimate today.