How to Make Your Interior Reflect Your Personality

How to Make Your Interior Reflect Your Personality

No matter what color palettes and tastes you lean toward when making changes to your home, you’ll want to make sure they reflect your personality, so you love the color choices for years to come! And each room may require a different kind of vibe. Yet, you’ll still want your rooms to flow seamlessly.

So how do you choose fresh ideas while making them reflect your personality in the long term? And what else can you explore other than interior painting options? Here is what we recommend.

How to Make an Interior Reflect Your Personality

Interior Painting

If you like bright and outgoing colors, there are plenty of choices when it comes to colors.

Light color schemes offer comfortable and welcoming interiors. Pastel and light yellows, teals, and beiges are vibrant but not overwhelming to the eye.

Shades of blue are classic and go with everything. Blues are becoming more and more popular too, and fit with the seasonal changes year-round. Whether you want a pastel baby blue or a rich navy blue, these shades have a welcoming, timeless personality.

Earthy tones are for those who are a little more down-to-earth, natural but want their home to be put together. Shades of red, brown, and beige are ideal options for this look.

Whatever you choose, working with a residential home painting contractor to determine what color palette is right for you is all part of comprehensive interior painting services.

Painting Baseboard Trim

In addition to interior painting, you’ll want to make sure to pay attention to your trim and baseboards. Without doing so, you could give the impression of sloppiness. There are plenty of shades to choose from as well.

Painting baseboard trim, door and window trim, and other accent wood often tie the entire room together. A classic white offers a timeless feel that will complement almost every shade of wall paint. But if your personality leans toward something darker or a little different, you can use anything from shades of beige to brown.

If you DIY the project, make sure to sand and prep your trim and baseboards. Fully cleaning them prior to paint application allows the paint to stick for long periods of time, continuously reflecting your personality and color choices. When working with a contractor, painting baseboard trim and other trim areas is all part of interior painting services.

Check Your Wood Accents

Whether it’s your windows, doors, or other wood accents on your walls and trim, paying attention to wood rot repair is essential to ensure your home reflects who you are, is clean and safe, and also retains structural integrity. Though most of your wood rot will happen on your home’s exterior, it’s important to note that there can still be condensation and moisture that seeps through your doors and windows.

Interior caulking will mitigate the risk of wood rot inside. It will also flaws in your wood so that your home better maintains the interior temperature. This will reduce your heating and cooling bill, maintain a comfortable temperature, and offer a seamless look to your interior.

Work with the Professionals!

If you want your interior to reflect your personality for years to come, working with a painting contractor is key. At Trico Painting, we help you decide what color palettes are right for you, make sure baseboards and other trim is flawless, and mitigate wood rot before it causes bigger issues. For more information or to get started, contact us today!