How to Modernize Your Apartment Complex

How to Modernize Your Apartment Complex

Village Green, a national apartment management firm, released a study in 2016 finding that the community environment is the third most important factor in tenants' decision to lease an apartment, after rent and location. 70% of respondents also said they research apartments online as part of their decision-making, checking out photos and reviews.

If you're a building owner or property manager, HOA painting services are a critical investment in improving community standards and reaching revenue goals. If your apartment building appears dated to you, it certainly seems that way to some prospective tenants. Here are some of the easiest ways to update your aesthetics, ensuring a safe and inviting community for new and current residents alike.

Exterior Painting Services

Before a new tenant goes on a tour, what impression are they getting from your building exteriors? Do buildings look drab? Does woodwork or paint look discolored? If so, exterior painting services are a must. Here are some painting and paint maintenance services that have transformed apartment complexes we've worked on:

  • Wall and Trim Painting: One reason buildings look dated is because they don't look new, bright, and clean. Fresh paint, including high-durability coatings, can help your apartment building exterior stand strong against time and the elements and can immediately improve your curb appeal. Walls, trim, shutters, and entryways can all be painted expertly in stylish, complementary colors that fit with the community aesthetic you're trying to create.

  • Carpentry and Gutter Repairs: As old paint is removed prior to repainting, structural improvements can be made in exterior walls, trim, and gutters. These repairs will help seal exteriors more completely, and paint finishes will perform better.

  • Woodwork Improvements: Not all woodwork will need to be replaced. Pressure washing services may remove much of the discoloring debris on the surface. If wood still looks or smells off or is cracking and crumbling, wood rot repair and replacement should be done as soon as possible. This will prevent extensive damage, since wood rot spreads throughout your property if left unchecked.

  • Wood Refinishing: Once woodwork is repaired, natural wood refinishing on decking, wooden trim, and other exterior wood surfaces can give them a rich depth of color that brings them back to life.

Interior Painting Services

It's important not to neglect interior painting when modernizing apartment buildings. That's where tenants will spend time once moving in. If you notice paint discoloration or damage inside a unit, that's an indication your interiors aren't properly protected. Not to mention, old paint can be an eyesore that can discourage new move-ins. Similar surface prep, wall and ceiling painting, and trim painting revitalize any interior room.

Paint Color Selection

Modern paint colors can be timeless. No need to worry about new paint dating your space in a few years. We love these apartment paint color recommendations from Painters, Inc that make spaces appear clean, relaxing, and inviting.

  • Dark Blue: Attractive and contemplative, blues emphasize unique architectural elements in your buildings.

  • Sage: Sage is a calming color that works well in many color schemes.

  • Earthy Ochre/Green: If you want to bring warmth to units' interior rooms, earthy ochre is a great fit. Greens are a great complement to those warm earth tones while adding a pop of color and uniqueness. Beiges can be a great addition too thanks to their versatility.

  • Oyster White/Divine White: Positioned between beige and gray, oyster white is a less "sterile" white with more character. Divine white is closer to true white but still not severe. Both can increase brightness and openness in your space due to reflectivity of natural light.

  • Silver/Sky Blue: Silver and sky blue have a way of opening up small spaces that don't get the benefit of a lot of natural light. Plus they're both sophisticated and refined in appearance.

  • Light Gray/White Trim: With the right accents in the space, this color combination will always look modern and sleek.

Lighting and Decor

If your lighting fixtures and common area furnishings are outdated, consider updating those so as not to detract from freshly modernized interior and exterior painting. For a cohesive look, consider:

  • Solid Color Furnishings and Fixtures: Patterns may clash with the surrounding paint colors.

  • Low Lighting: When possible, low lighting, soft lighting, or adjustable lighting is preferred to a harsh, fluorescent light in modern apartments. Window treatments like blinds and roller shades can add lighting control, which allows you to maximize natural lighting in common areas.

  • Artwork and Decor: It doesn't have to be "modern art" for artwork to modernize a space. Simply changing the artwork to complement the paint job will make a pleasing visual impact.

An HOA Partner You Can Trust

If it's past time to update your HOA painting, don't wait to see a drop in move-in rates. The experts at Trico Painting are the trusted HOA exterior and interior painting contractors for Roseville, CA and surrounding communities. We'll work to get painting and painting maintenance done with minimal disruption and distraction.

We know what it takes to keep buildings safe and compliant, so you can focus on planning beautiful, creative painting projects that express the best in your community. Ready to get started? Contact Trico Painting for your HOA painting estimate today!