How to Not Overdo It With Your Favorite Paint Color

How to Not Overdo It With Your Favorite Paint Color

Colors inspire us. They remind us of our favorite places, people, feelings, and memories. But it can be easy to overdo it with your favorite paint color when planning interior painting. It’s tempting to use your favorite colors on every wall or in the same way in every room, but that can make even colors you love appear to dominate the area. No one wants to grow tired of what used to be their favorite color right after they paint.

Here are some tips from the local house painters at Trico Painting about how to get the most out of your favorite colors, without making your interior feel homogeneous.

How to Pick the Right Paint Colors

Test Paint Colors and Finishes

One of the most common painting mistakes is using too much paint and therefore getting the shade too dark on a surface. Since paint removal takes time and paint costs money, we recommend testing paint colors and finishes on an area that won't be visible.

See how one coat of interior paint looks after it's completely dry. If it's the depth of color you want, you know that's all you need for your wall, ceiling, or cabinet painting. If it's not quite the depth of color you're looking for, you can add another coat.

Use Complementary and Contrasting Shades

To avoid a "one-note" look from your interior painting, we recommend working with a color wheel. According to Sensational Color:

"Each segment on the color wheel represents the color family of that particular hue. . . Only the hue and three variations of it are included for each family, [but] they represent all the many, many variations of each hue." Complementary colors, hues, and shades are on opposite sides of the color wheel, and they are a great option for "breaking up" the colors in the room if you're looking to add more variety.

Consider Accent Walls

Painting accent walls your favorite paint color is a wonderful way to make a statement and make that color the focal point of the room without it dominating the room. You can put the accent wall in the middle of the room for a strong statement, to one side of the room to make the room look more expansive, or at the back of the room to give it more depth and dimension. It's a great way to express your creativity.

If you're updating lighting and decor in the rooms you plan to paint, you can choose artwork that highlights your selected color or furnishings that provide visually pleasing contrast that helps your accent wall stand out.

Paint Ceilings, Doors, and Trim

Another way to use your favorite paint color as an eye-catching accent is by making your "accent wall" your ceiling. Ceiling painting brings a lot of character to interior rooms and has the effect of drawing the eye upward. If your favorite paint color is lighter, this may make the room appear larger. If you have a more open concept design in your home, a darker ceiling color might help the room have a sense of definition to help you feel more grounded in your space.

Door painting or painting trim and baseboards is a fun and unique way to use your favorite paint color to liven up a space in a way that's guaranteed to make a splash, even if it's not the dominant color in the rooms you're planning to paint.

Liven Up Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets

If you really want to have fun with your favorite paint colors, make those colors the star of the kitchen or bathroom by using them for cabinet painting. Bold blues, reds, and rich grays can truly transform a bathroom or kitchen for the better. Don’t be afraid to take a risk when it comes to creativity, especially when you have the chance to make it the focal point of rooms that get frequent use from family, friends, and visitors.

Work with a Professional Painter

For interior painting contractors, room painting is both an art and a science. Trico Painting is the trusted residential interior painting company for Roseville, CA and the surrounding communities. We can help you select paint colors, customize color blends, and put together interior color schemes that showcase colors you love in a tasteful, interesting way. And you never have to worry about using too much or too little.

Our familiarity with how finishes and surfaces work together to make colors stand out means when you work with us, you're setting yourself up for success. Don't wait when inspiration strikes. Contact Trico Painting to schedule your interior painting project today, and let the beautiful colors you love shine in every room.