How to Prepare for Summer Repairs

How to Prepare for Summer Repairs

Summer is a great time to get to the much-needed repairs you’ve been putting off around your home. Whether you’re getting ready for a busier season of entertaining and visits, or just looking to shorten your to-do list, Trico Painting has some suggestions for how to set yourself up for success.

Best Repairs for Summer Preparation

Take Stock of Your Home Interior

Do a walkthrough of your home. As you do, take stock of what you see. You’ll want to answer questions like:

  • Are the hallways and entryways dinged up?

  • Does interior drywall have any holes or bubbles?

  • Are stairs and railings sturdy?

  • Do bathroom or kitchen cabinets and other storage areas show signs of wear and tear?

  • Is any paint chipping, peeling, or damaged?

  • Do you notice any cracks or gaps around trim and baseboards?

A “yes” to any of these means they need your attention when planning interior painting and carpentry repair projects. Painting and maintenance go together, after all. Paint and primers are an extra shield of durability against surface damage. But without a strong surface underneath, repainting will have to be done sooner than you planned.

Check Exterior Walls and Structures

Now it’s time to go outside to assess exterior walls and structures. Here are some questions to add to your home repairs, painting, and maintenance checklist:

  • Is exterior paint chipping or discolored?

  • Do I smell a damp, musty smell around my decking, deck stairs, or porch?

  • Is my garage floor damaged?

  • Have my energy bills been higher than usual?

If you have increasing energy costs, there could be damage or deterioration to caulking around your windows or other exterior seams. Air can escape, and moisture and pests can get in. That means it’s time to make sure your caulking isn’t damaged or incorrectly applied.

Similarly, concrete sealers should be protecting garage flooring at all times. Otherwise, you’re running the risk of extensive damage, not to mention an eyesore.

As with your interior rooms, chipping paint is a sign that your paint isn’t protecting your surfaces as well as it should. Scheduling exterior painting can refresh their appearance and better shield your home against the elements.

Damp, musty smells around your home exterior, especially around decking or other exterior wood surfaces, need to be addressed right away. It’s an early sign of wood rot. And it’s important to schedule wood rot replacement and repair as soon as you notice anything amiss since wood rot can spread when left unattended.

Remove Old Paint and Stain

As you walk around, you may notice paint and stain doesn’t look as great as you’d hoped. It could just be the passage of time. Paint can last for a long time, but nothing lasts forever, especially when it’s exposed to the elements. Stain needs to be reapplied every few years to prevent wooden boards, stairs, and railings from deteriorating.

Before repainting, you have to completely remove any old paint and stain, so your new finishes aren’t compromised from the beginning. This may include scraping and sanding, or applying paint and stain strippers, but it’s likely that won’t be sufficient. Pressure washing can remove stuck-on dirt, grime, and debris without damaging the underlying surfaces. It’s important that the correct settings be used to avoid removing too much from the surface.

Determine the Extent of Surface Damage

Once you’ve removed old stain and paint from any areas where you’ve noted issues, you can determine how much surface damage you have that needs to be repaired. From there, you can set your priorities for carpentry repairs and painting.

Of course, put safety first. If there’s an area, like decking, that can’t be safely used, starting there will help give you peace of mind. From there, take care of areas you plan to use most, so you can get the most enjoyment out of your home as possible, as soon as possible.

Get Rid of the Stress

As you’re planning summer repairs, getting help from an expert will help you prevent overspending, or premature repainting and resurfacing. Trico Painting is a licensed interior and exterior painter serving Roseville, CA. We help with every stage of your project, including surface preparation, surface repairs, and applying new, stronger paints, stains, and finishes. Don’t leave something as valuable as your home’s structural integrity to chance. Contact Trico Painting to talk about your project today and get it done with peace of mind.