How to Prepare Your Exterior for the Winter

How to Prepare Your Exterior for the Winter

Winterizing your home means long-term cost savings and a lot less stress. While heavy winter weather is not a big risk when living and working in California, temperature changes and moisture fluctuations in the air can still cause problems for interior and exterior walls, woodworking, and more. Waterfront properties, where it tends to be cooler than inland, are especially important to prepare against seasonal weather changes.

What to Know About Winterizing Your Home

What Can Happen if You Don't Winterize?

Failure to prepare exterior walls, decking, or caulking leads to some of the most costly problems we encounter as exterior painting contractors, including:

  • Water Damage: Moisture intrusion doesn't have to be extensive to cause big problems. Leaving it unattended can cause enough interior damage and paint discoloration to require repainting interior rooms, replacing trim and baseboards, and more.

  • Wood Rot: Particularly problematic for exterior woodwork, rotted wood can damage decking and other exterior wood surfaces that aren't properly sealed. This means having to hire a crew for wood rot repair and replacement to remove all damaged wood, put in new boards, and reapply finishes.

Without proactive preparation, your interior won't be as much of a retreat during the cooler and more inclement weather winter as you were hoping for. The cost of preparation is small when compared to the cost of a bunch of additional, unplanned interior painting services and repairs.

What We Suggest to Prep Your Home

Here's what our local house painters suggest to get your home ready for winter so you can enjoy the cooler months with peace of mind.

  • Gutter Care and Maintenance: It's a good idea to complete exterior carpentry and gutter repair ahead of cooler weather. Removing the weight of fallen leaves and strengthening gutters and fixtures will prevent structural damage and drainage issues.

  • Roof and Wall Cleaning: Pressure washing services for roofing and exterior walls remove the debris accumulated on the surfaces in the spring and summer, so everything is in the best possible conditions going into the coolest season of the year.

  • Deck Refinishing: Deck refinishing services are ideal in the fall. Deck stains and finishes perform best between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so planning this project in early to mid fall will give you excellent results. Your deck will stay resilient against moisture and continue to look beautiful, no matter the weather. Don't forget to remove any piled-up leaves, as those can be a harbinger for mold and wood rot, which will quickly deteriorate your decking.

  • Caulking: Inspect for and caulk any cracks around exterior windows and doors. Keeping the cool, moist air outside protects your interiors from moisture intrusion and uncomfortable temperature changes.

Cover, Store, and Turn Off Anything You Don't Plan to Use

If you don't plan to use your outdoor furniture or grill, it's a good idea to cover them and/or put them in storage, especially anything sensitive to the elements. If you water your lawn less frequently during the cooler months, don't forget to change your sprinkler settings or turn them off. Close any outdoor vents that may have been opened in the summertime in order to keep the internal temperature consistent.

Have Multiple Units? Schedule HOA Painting ASAP

If you manage multiple properties or multifamily units, working with an HOA painting company can maintain every outdoor deck, patio, or pool deck on your property to keep your tenants happy and your property safe. If you're concerned about areas that were heavily used in the spring and summer, we can get pool deck work or deck refinishing done quickly and efficiently across your entire site.

A Team You Can Trust to Protect Your Home

If you want your home exterior protected against cooler weather, Trico Painting can help. We're trusted by Roseville, CA homeowners and property managers to completely clean walls and decking, repair surface damage, and apply new coatings, finishes, and stains for long-lasting results. Whether you're searching for "house painters near me" or an HOA painting team that can keep your property safe and code-compliant, we have the people, the passion, and the expertise to get it done. Don't wait until there's a problem. Contact Trico Painting for a project estimate today for a customized plan.