How to Realistically Budget for a Big Paint Job and Still Get What You Want

How to Realistically Budget for a Big Paint Job and Still Get What You Want

The weather’s warming up, and you’re moving through your spring cleaning. As you check projects off your list around the house, you start to wonder: when did that wall start looking so dinged up? Is my deck ready for grilling season? What can I do to spruce up our kitchen?

But you may not have time to tackle a full scale rebuild or remodel. So how do you realistically budget for a big painting project but still get what you want? Here are a few ideas from the local house painters at Trico Painting.

How to Get the Most Value from Painting

Start with Rooms You Love Most

Multiple areas of your home may need interior or exterior painting services, but why not start with your favorite rooms and entertainment areas? After all, you spend the majority of your time there, and you want to love the way the area looks and feels.

For example:

  • If you’re planning lots of grillouts: put deck restaining at the top of your list. The professional deck staining process will ensure it’s structurally sound, strong, and in the best possible condition to get new finishes.

  • If you’re repurposing a room: paint walls and ceilings to give it a “made over” look. Whether it’s a home theatre, a study, or a workout room, a fresh coat of paint will really lift the mood in your “new to you” space.

  • If your rooms look dated: try getting rid of old wallpaper and outdated popcorn ceilings. Either of these projects will bring your home decor into this century without having to replace any art, furniture, flooring, or accessories.

There will always be time to tackle the other, smaller projects, especially when you find a painting contractor you trust. But starting with rooms you use most means you’ll get a greater value, and more fulfillment, from your investment.

Keep Surfaces Clean and Strong

Caring for surfaces between painting projects means you’re less likely to have to budget for unplanned repairs and repaints. You can care for surfaces by making sure they’re clean, structurally sound, and not prone to unnecessary wear and tear.

If you’re not sure what shape exterior surfaces are in, pressure washing can get to the bottom of it. Beneath the grime and debris that normally accumulates on exterior walls, you can better tell if your siding, exterior woodwork, or entryways need attention.

If you’ve noticed cracks or uneven spots in wood, for example, scheduling carpentry repairs will ensure the underlying problem doesn’t make that area of your home unsafe. Similarly, wood rot repair and replacement is something to be vigilant about if you have a lot of exterior woodwork, since both wet and dry rot can spread and cause extensive structural damage. Knowing what to look for, and having a team qualified to address it in your corner, makes all the difference.

Don’t Rebuild When You Can Repaint

In many cases, repainting and refinishing are all that’s necessary. There’s no need for costly remodeling or reconstruction if there’s not significant damage or deterioration to the underlying surface.

Cabinet painting, for example, is a much more budget-friendly way to give you the look of a whole new kitchen without having a construction crew disrupting your routine and making a sizable dent in your budget. What can you repaint instead of replace as you tackle your home improvement projects?

Understand How Estimates Are Calculated

Estimates are one of the most helpful ways to budget and prioritize exterior and interior painting projects. Sometimes, homeowners get discouraged if an estimate seems higher than they planned, but house painters are accounting for a number of factors that aren’t always considered when people try painting rooms themselves.

The size of the room you want to paint, the condition of surfaces in the area you’re painting, how much specialized work is required, and materials cost all come into play. Ask your painting team what they’re considering, and invest in someone who takes a proactive approach.

Work with an Expert

The truth is, DIY painting rarely saves money. Too often, incomplete surface prep, using cut-rate materials and products, and improper application of paints, primers, and stains means you end up spending more money than you budgeted for. Paint removal and repainting means more headaches, more stress, and more time and money down the drain.

If you’re tired of searching for “house painters near me” with no luck, you can stop your search with Trico Painting. Our professional house painters will never cut corners or compromise. Our honest estimates include all the surface preparation, repairs, and products you’ll need for the longest-lasting paint and stains possible. When you’re ready to tackle the painting projects that matter most to you, don’t leave them to chance.

Contact Trico Painting today for a project estimate from the team that will care for your home surfaces, beautify them, fortify them, and improve their value.