How to Salvage Antique Cabinets in Your Kitchen

How to Salvage Antique Cabinets in Your Kitchen

It's no secret that kitchen renovations can be a significant investment. And one of the major expenses is kitchen cabinets, which typically take up 25% of the total cost or more. That means that one of the easiest ways to save money is to refinish existing cabinets in the kitchen.

Have you been dreaming about a new kitchen? A kitchen makeover can bring new life to a tired space. If you have been thinking about refinishing your cabinets, here's what to know about how to salvage antiqued cabinets and refresh your kitchen today.

Establish a Budget for the Project

The first step in any home renovation journey is to make a budget. It's important to figure out how much you have to spend on your antiqued cabinet makeover in terms of repairs, finishes, and more. Then you will be able to make decisions with confidence. Restoring kitchen cabinets is likely affordable if you make a plan.

Assess the Condition of the Cabinets

Before you start kitchen cabinet painting or refinishing, assess their condition and find out if any repairs need to be made. Check all of the hinges and see if they need to be replaced, and make sure all the drawers open easily and without any hindrances.

Prep Your Cabinets for Refinishing

Once you've made the necessary repairs, it is time to prep your cabinets for refinishing by removing all items from the cabinets. Then give the cabinets a good cleaning, including wiping down all of the shelves, drawers, and the front of the cabinets. Once you've done this, you can begin thinking about the best paint colors to try in the space.

Revive Antique Cabinets With New Hardware

One of the top antique cabinet tips for makeovers is to swap out the old hardware for a new set. This is one of the easiest ways to give your cabinets a more current look. Or you can play up the antique style and find options that have a classic feel and are related to the time period of your cabinets.

Research Paint and Stain Options

If you want to preserve antique cabinets and stay true to the original wood look, you can have them refinished and have a glaze put on. But there are also other cabinet painting and finish options, like staining and painting that will infuse your cabinets with new life. Have a professional consultation done to discuss different finishes and find the best fit for your cabinets.

Use a Trusted Professional

If you are ready to refinish your antique cabinets, don't take chances with a DIY job. Quality products and an expert application are required for a lasting paint job, so get the help of a professional like Trico Painting.

Trico has a thorough knowledge of products and can work with you to find the best match for your cabinets. When you are ready to start the process, contact us here for a free estimate. We offer an online estimation service and are happy to serve clients in Rocklin, Folsom, Roseville, Lincoln, Loomis, Granite Bay, Penryn, Newcastle, and El Dorado Hills.