How to Select the Best Painter for Your House

How to Select the Best Painter for Your House

What to Know About Hiring a Residential Painter

Your House Deserves the Right Residential Painter

Have you heard horror stories of hiring contractors who don't show up or worse yet, show up and do shoddy work? Maybe you thought I can do the work myself and save some money.

Then you realized you don't like the whole DIY thing and the truth be told, you're not that good at it. Do you just want to hire a painter for your house who will do quality work so you don't have to keep wearing the weekend DIY warrior hat?

Are you wondering how to find the best painter for your home?

Read on to learn how to find and hire the best painter for your home painting project.

Evaluate Needs and Budget

Before you even begin your search, you need to evaluate what you want done. Get a clear picture of what work you want the painter to perform. Do you want multiple rooms done? Is this an exterior job where you'll also want some power washing done?

Do you expect the painters to do all prep work including moving furniture?

You might not know exactly what painters cost. You do, however, know what you can afford. It will help you narrow down what you can get done if you have a clear budget and plan before you start your search.

Consider Credentials

Before ever considering a painter, you want to verify credentials. You want to know the company has the needed licenses to operate in your state.

You want a painter who has liability insurance in case something goes wrong while working and there are damages.

If the painter has a crew, you need to know that each worker is covered with worker's compensation insurance. This protects you as a homeowner if there's a worker injured while working at your home.

Don't ask if they have it, a shady painter might fib. Ask to see the paperwork that is proof they are covered.

Research the Painter

When considering a painter, you want to do a little digging on them.

Start with a simple internet search and see if you find anything about them that makes you uncomfortable.

Then take a look at the painter's website. Look at the material and the level of professionalism in which it's presented. Do they have a blog and appear to be an expert in their field?

Also, visit the painter's social media pages. Look closely at posts and what kind of comments they get back from other people.

Look at Reviews

Take a look at reviews on review sites for the painter you are considering. Read the reviews, not the first few. They can tell you a lot about the experience others have had with the painter.

Remember, don't be alarmed by one or two negative responses. Some people like to complain and are difficult to make happy. You want to look at the scope of reviews to get a feel for how the painter performs on the job.

Get Some Estimates

After you have done some research, you're probably ready to get some estimates. Have the painters come out, give you an estimate. You want to get several, 3 to 5, for the job you want. You will see there can be quite a variation in price.

Make sure the estimate spells out exactly what is included in the estimate. This will help you when you want to compare estimates.

For many, the instinct is to automatically go to the cheapest estimate. That isn't always the best idea. You want to look closely at what it includes and the other information you get from the painter too.

Supplies and Materials

One thing to consider when looking at the estimate is what exactly is included. Will the painter be providing the paint or will you need to provide it?

Also, ask about the quality of the paint they use. Paint quality can make a big difference in the finished product and the long term durability.

You want to select a painter who insists on using high-quality paint for the job.

Also, ask if they will bring ladders and other equipment. Will they use drop cloths or put plastic to protect areas not being painted.

Beyond Painting

When you look at the estimate you also want to know what else is included in the work. Does the estimate include prep work and clean up? Will the painter do drywall or plaster repair as needed before painting?

If they are doing exterior work, do they replace rotted boards as part of their services?

Ask if you will be expected to clear the space or if they will do that for you when they arrive to paint.


You want to know a few things related to time. You should be given an expected time frame to complete the job. Ask if once they start, they continue until the job is done. Or will they leave to work on other jobs while working in your home?

Ask how soon they can get to your job? You might find a great painter but if they don't plan their time well, they are unable to estimate when they can get to your job.

You also want to know what kind of communication you can expect from them related to your job.

Look at Contract Carefully

So, let's assume at this point you have found a painting contractor who you are comfortable hiring. Ask to see the contract and read it carefully.

Make sure it spells out exactly what work you are expecting from them and what the cost will be. It should also spell out deposit information and a payment timeline for the work.

Finding the Best Painter for Your Job

While finding the best painter might feel like a lot of work, it's certainly better than hiring a bad painting contractor or doing the work yourself. With a little effort, you can hire the best professional house painter and get the quality work you were hoping for.

If you're looking for a painter or to get an estimate, we can help. Contact us today to get a free estimate and learn about our services at Trico Painting.