How to Turn a Spare Bedroom into an Entertainment Room

How to Turn a Spare Bedroom into an Entertainment Room

If you have a spare bedroom, you might not want or need another sleeping space. If that's the case, creating an entertainment room is a great option that will add value to your home and help you make new memories with family and guests. Here are some suggestions from the local house painters at Trico Painting on how to get the best results from this project.

How to Successfully Create an Entertainment Room

Choose How You'll Entertain in the Space

"Entertainment Room" could mean a lot of different things depending on what you and your loved ones enjoy doing at home. Here are some ways you might repurpose a spare bedroom to have fun in your favorite ways:

  • Movie Room: Home theaters are one of the most popular ways to upgrade a spare bedroom. There's something wonderful about enjoying your favorite movies and series in a theater without leaving home.

  • Music Room: Listening to music without disturbing the whole house is possible with a dedicated music room.

  • Game Room: Adding a game room brings interactive entertainment into your extra space. Keeping it open allows you to make room for game tables, puzzle tables, and more— especially if you're able to bring in storage.

Once you know the focus of your entertainment room, interior painting services will complete the transformation and make sure the beauty of that transformation lasts.

Pick Your Colors

To choose paint colors for entertainment rooms:

  • Make the Fun the Focus: Make sure any interior paint colors you choose for your entertainment room don't distract from the focal pieces of the room around which the entertainment revolves. Choosing neutral colors accomplishes this well while still making a room look cleaner and more aesthetically appealing.

  • Paint Trim to Bring It Together: Trim painting brings the look of any re-painted room together, especially if you're bringing in new lighting that will hang from that area. Choosing an adjacent color on the color wheel makes trim look interesting without it clashing or distracting.

  • Open Things Up: Light neutrals, whites, pale greens, light blues, and light earth tones make a room feel more open and spacious, and they look good no matter which type of lighting is the best fit for your new room.

  • Consider an Accent Wall: If you're planning an accent wall behind your TV, stereo, or game table, this might be a great opportunity to bring in a darker complementary shade or contrasting color. Complementary colors are adjacent one another on the color wheel. Contrasting colors are across from one another.

Create a "Blank Slate"

Now that you have a purpose and a color scheme for your entertainment room, prepping it for painting and improvements comes next. This includes taking steps like:

  • Getting old, outdated furnishings and lighting out of the room

  • Removing decor from the walls

  • Cleaning the walls

  • Making a plan to remove any old/damaged paint

Once you've done this, let everything dry completely. Install or move in any cabinets you plan to use for storage, and be sure they're ready for any painting and refinishing you have planned.

If your room has been unattended for a while, dust threatens the look of any new decor and paint finishes. Vacuuming, sweeping, and using an air purifier removes dust and debris from the walls, floors, and air. This will keep dirt and dust from impacting newly applied primers and paint finishes.

Paint Your Entertainment Room

After cleaning the room and prepping the surfaces, you'll be ready to paint. Room painting is an excellent choice and far more cost-effective than reconstruction and remodeling. Here are some projects that will make your room look its best:

  • Wall and Ceiling Painting: Painting walls and ceilings is the primary way to make any room look like new. The right combination of primers, paints, and specialty finishes gives your room depth and dimension and makes your surfaces far more resilient against wear and tear.

  • Door and Window Painting: Painting doors and windows is an important part of keeping them sealed, which keeps the room more comfortable no matter the weather outside.

  • Cabinet Painting: Cabinets allow you to maximize space in your entertainment room and are a great place to play with bold colors you love. Cabinet painting immediately brings elegance, fun, and shine into your new room.

Get a Beautiful Entertainment Room Without The Stress

Painting an entertainment room should be fun, not stressful. Protect your investment and get it right the first time: hire interior painting contractors you can trust. Roseville, CA calls Trico Painting for their entertainment room painting

We’re experienced wall and ceiling painters and have a great reputation for beautiful cabinet painting, too. We apply speciality textures and finishes to make any entertainment space totally unique, getting custom painting done with outstanding results. Whatever your vision, we’re ready to make it happen. Contact Trico Painting for your interior painting estimate today.