How to Update Your HOA Clubhouse Exterior Paint

How to Update Your HOA Clubhouse Exterior Paint

HOA painting is all about making neighborhoods more beautiful and inviting. If you’re in apartment/condominium management or HOA leadership, you’ll eventually get to the clubhouse on your painting and maintenance to-do list. Where do you start? What do you keep in mind? And how do you know your HOA painting contractor can get it done?

Don’t worry. The professional exterior painters at Trico Painting are here to help. Here’s what we suggest considering when planning HOA clubhouse painting.

What to Know About HOA Clubhouse Exterior Painting

HOA Clubhouse Exterior Painting Checklist

When painting HOA clubhouse exteriors, you need a painting team that will:

  • Clean, Paint, and Refresh Wood and Composite Siding: Siding can hide a lot of surface imperfections. If your HOA clubhouse includes siding, your exterior painting services should include cleaning, repairing, and repainting the wood or composite panels for long-lasting results.

  • Repair and Paint Stucco: Many Roseville, CA apartment complexes and neighborhoods are beautified by stucco buildings. Stucco exteriors are beautiful and durable, but the repair and re-application of stucco requires specialized skills. Don’t hire HOA painters without confirming they can work with stucco walls.

  • Complete Door and Window Painting: Fresh door and window painting does more than welcome tenants and residents. It helps your HOA clubhouse remain properly sealed against moisture damage, pests, and escaping heat or air. Work with your painting contractor to choose colors and finishes that complement your clubhouse exterior walls and their natural surroundings.

  • Caulking: Caulking protects paint finishes and the surrounding walls and flooring. Applying caulk correctly is critical to fully sealing gaps between walls, doors, windows, and floors, and adjacent exterior surfaces. Incorrect caulking will bubble beneath finishes, and all the hard work of painting will have to be redone. That’s why it’s so important to get the job done right the first time.

  • Find, Repair, and Replace Wood Rot: HOA clubhouses are vulnerable to the elements. And any wood fixtures, trim, or wooden exterior walls are vulnerable to wood rot and decay. If you’ve noticed growths on wood, or wood fixtures and boards cracking and crumbling, it’s time to remediate wood rot immediately. Both wet and dry rot can spread through wood and wreak havoc through the rest of the clubhouse property.

  • Restore Beauty of Natural Wood Finishes: Many natural wood clubhouses have a warm, welcoming feel, but those exteriors need special care. Restoring natural wood finishes with resilient paints, primers, glazes, and stains will revitalize clubhouse exteriors and keep those exterior surfaces looking beautiful for years to come.

  • Apply Specialty Elastomeric Coatings: Elastomeric coatings are high-durability exterior paints especially suited to masonry and stucco surfaces. HOA painting teams can apply these coatings to clubhouse exterior walls for a seamless finish and best results.

  • Complete Pressure Washing Before Painting: One of the critical reasons DIY clubhouse painting rarely works is that proper surface preparation is often neglected. Before painting, HOA painters should pressure wash clubhouse exterior walls to remove dirt, grime, mold, algae, and other contaminants that can degrade surfaces and diminish the effectiveness and beauty of fresh paint. Before every painting job on outside walls and surfaces, applying the appropriate pressure is an essential step toward getting the results you want for your property.

  • Address Gutter Damage and Carpentry Repairs: If your clubhouse gutters are damaged, you’re running the risk of damage to everything from the interior walls to the foundation. Working with HOA contractors experienced in construction, carpentry, and gutter repair will give you peace of mind that your newly repainted apartment/condo or neighborhood clubhouse will also have greater structural integrity.

HOA Clubhouse Painting and Project Management

Trico Painting is trusted to provide property managers and neighborhood leadership with HOA painting services for clubhouses, pool decks, patios, and other common areas. Along with our expert partners at DMA Construction, we provide comprehensive HOA painting services that include surface preparation and repair, specialty finishes, and painting.

Along with completing painting services in a timely manner, we treat your property with the utmost respect and will plan proactively so community life has as little disruption as possible.

Take care of everything on your to-do list with professionals committed to compliance standards, on-the-job safety, and clear customer service. Contact Trico Painting for your HOA painting estimate today and plan for a more beautiful clubhouse to welcome neighbors and guests. We’re ready to get to work!