How to Update Your Interior While Keeping Your Favorite Pieces

How to Update Your Interior While Keeping Your Favorite Pieces

Your favorite pieces of art can become a part of your life in a way that brings you comfort and warm memories whenever you see them. Heirloom furnishings likewise give us a sense of connection to our loved ones that can grow stronger with time.

If you're considering an interior painting update, you can make changes without feeling compelled to let go of your favorite pieces. Here's what the interior painting contractors on our team recommend.

Tips to Update Your Interior While Keeping Your Favorite Pieces

Haven't Chosen a Color? Let Your Favorite Pieces Guide You

Using your favorite pieces of artwork as inspiration for interior painting can be a captivating way to make a statement. Here's what that process might look like:

  • Choose a piece of art to feature based on color psychology. How do the colors in a piece you love make you feel? How can you recreate that in your favorite room based on those colors?

  • Choose a color for wall and ceiling painting based on your favorite color in that piece of art or decor.

  • Use a color from your favorite piece to paint an accent wall.

Find complementary and contrasting colors to those in the decor or artwork by using a color wheel. Work with those colors to bring in a sense of contrast that makes your favorite things stand out.

Go Neutral and Let the Piece Be the Star

Neutral paint colors have many benefits when it comes to refreshing a room with interior painting services:

  • They give your space a sense of expansiveness without taking away attention from the furnishings or artwork.

  • They keep you from feeling limited about what kind of decor you can have in the space.

  • They make a room look bright and clean, giving it a "like new" appearance without costly remodels or reconstruction.

There’s no need to worry about feeling limited by choosing something from these tried and true color groups."Neutrals" include a range of whites, grays, off-whites, beiges, and earth tones. So you still have lots of options when it comes to personalizing your space. For more visual interest, wall texturing can also be done with white or neutral paint colors. Texturing techniques add dimension while still keeping the focus on pieces you want to feature.

Paint or Stain Wood Furnishings You Plan to Keep

If you're wanting to keep furnishings in the room while making interior painting updates, painting or staining the furnishings will give them new life while protecting them for years to come.

The condition of the piece you want to feature can help you decide whether to paint or stain it. If it's still in great shape, natural wood finishing can let that shine. If it's got some imperfections, painting will hide those while still giving beautiful results. Painting also gives you more color and finish options in terms of having your piece complement the wall and ceiling colors.

If you're keeping an armoire or cabinets in the room you plan to paint, cabinet painting services will camouflage wear and tear without detracting from the unique character of your favorite furnishings. Both painting and staining have the benefit of better protecting your heirloom furniture against dirt, grime, and moisture. To keep that finish intact, schedule repainting or refinishing if you notice signs of fading, chipping, or discoloration.

An Expert Approach to Highlighting Your Favorite Pieces

Don't want to risk the repaints and slip-ups of DIY painting in a room where your favorite artwork and furnishings are being featured? Avoid streaks, bubbles, or other imperfections on your walls.

Call in the experienced local house painters at Trico Painting to help you realize your vision. We'll do whatever it takes to bring your room to life without losing its uniqueness. Whether you need cabinet painting, wood staining, or creative accents and texturing, we'll make it happen. Ready to get started? Contact Trico Painting for your interior painting services estimate today.