How to Use Your Favorite Art Pieces as Interior Paint Inspiration

How to Use Your Favorite Art Pieces as Interior Paint Inspiration

Your favorite pieces of art can liven up a conversation, bring back memories, and transport you to a different time and place. But they can also be the inspiration for updates to your interior painting. Making artwork the focal point will make a bold, compelling statement at your next gathering. Here are some ways to make it work.

Choose a Painting or Piece to Feature Based on Mood

Art and feelings go hand in hand. Choosing your "inspiration" piece based on how the colors, textures, and movement in the piece make you feel rather than what seems trendy is a solid starting point.

Trends come and go, but if you love the way that artwork in your home interior makes you feel, using it as inspiration to paint a space won't feel dated as soon as trends ebb and flow again.

If you're not sure where to start, note the feelings that come to mind while studying your favorite artwork. Do any of them align with color psychology?

According to the London Image Institute and User Testing, colors and color groups often provoke broad categories of feelings and ideas. Here are some of the most common associations by color group.

  • Red: Love, energy, strength, and excitement

  • Orange: Confidence, sociability, bravery, and success

  • Yellow: Cheer, happiness, creativity, and warmth

  • Pink: Compassion, sophistication, sweetness, and sincerity

  • Purple: Luxury, royalty, ambition, and spirituality

  • Green: Quality, healing, freshness, and nature

  • Blue: Trust, peace, competence, and loyalty

  • Brown: Dependability, ruggedness, simplicity, and trustworthiness

  • Black: Formality, drama, security, and sophistication

  • White: Cleanliness, honesty, simplicity, and innocence

Choosing a piece of art to feature based on these commonalities can help you create not just the look you want in a room, but an entire atmosphere.

Choose Your Wall Colors from Colors in the Painting

Once you know which artwork you want to use and which mood you're going for, it's time to plan out how to bring your vision to life. There are a few ways to do that:

  • Use the most dominant, most primary color in the painting for room walls or an accent wall.

  • If the painting has neutral or reflective colors that will open up the room, using one of those colors for the walls will give your space a sense of expansiveness without taking away attention from the artwork itself.

  • Use a bold color on an accent wall, perhaps the wall where you plan to hang the artwork, as a fun way to express your creativity. Accent walls also create a sense of depth and dimension in a room that can add visual appeal.

Use Accent Colors or Complementary Colors

The painting probably has complementary colors that accent the boldest colors in the painting. These colors could be fun options for:

  • Trim painting

  • Wainscot painting

  • Furniture or accessory colors

  • Armoire or cabinet painting

Bringing these features into your color scheme makes things cohesive and offers a chance for distinct self-expression.

Don't Forget Texture and Finish

If you want to take creativity and inspiration to the next level, interior painting contractors can use some specialized techniques to make a splash in your repainted room.

  • Wall Texturing: Wall texturing is possible by blending paint and a texturing additive to create the textured finish. A textured appearance can also be created by using special brushes, rollers, or painting techniques. Choosing a texture to imitate from your featured artwork would make a big impact on your wall or accent wall.

  • Metallic Finishes: If your featured artwork is modern, it likely features metallic hues you can imitate in your repainted room for a polished, striking look. Metallic finishes can be incorporated into a range of colors for more shine and shimmer in interior spaces.

Use a Professional Touch

Since you're featuring a masterpiece in this interior painting project, you don't want to risk streaks, bubbles, or other imperfections on your walls. As experienced local house painters, the team at Trico Painting is ready to help.

Whether you need custom color selection, specialty finishes, or unique paint application, we'll do whatever it takes to bring your vision to life in a way that ensures your room will always be beautiful, even as your tastes grow and change. Ready to get started? Contact Trico Painting for an interior painting services estimate today.