How Wall Texture Modernizes Your Living Space

How Wall Texture Modernizes Your Living Space

Think back to some popular party and wedding trends over the last few years: mason jars, reclaimed wood, and rougher fabrics. It seems like rustic is back in style and that a sense of "imperfection" gives a feeling of character and warmth. Interior painting is no different. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through wall texturing. Here's why textured walls are a must for rooms where you're looking to create a modern aesthetic.

Advantages of Textured Walls

Depth and Dimension

When used as an accent wall in a large, open room, wall texturing can have an "anchoring” effect that gives a room depth, dimension, and direction. This is particularly important with the rise of open floor plans in new construction. Adding a textured wall can help define the beginning of one area and the end of another, giving you a sense of place without interrupting the flow of interior painting and decor.

Visual Impact

High impact colors and textures are a feature of modernity, whether it's in artwork, interior design, or advertising. If the rest of your home has a modern interior, including a textured wall adds uniqueness and character without being out of place. You can up the impact by using that wall to feature your favorite artwork, furnishings, or accessories to make that area the focal point of the room.

Creativity and Possibility

There are near endless possibilities when it comes to paint texturing and utilizing it on exterior walls. Tangible texturing can be added through texturing agents in the paint. Painting techniques can achieve the look of texturing while keeping the wall smooth. And the color of textured walls can be perfectly blended for the exact look you're dreaming of. Reds and blacks, greens and golds, neutrals and earth tones: it all depends on the statement you want to make and the look you want to create.

Versatility in a Space

Accent walls are one of the most common uses of wall texturing, but certainly not the only one. Here are some other areas where we've noticed textured wall finishes becoming more and more popular:

  • Textured walls can be highly effective in hallways, entryways, and for in-home galleries or photo walls.

  • Any room where you want to emphasize coziness and creativity is a good fit for wall texturing.

  • If you have minor imperfections on a wall surface, texturing that area may give it an effective camouflage if significant structural repairs aren't necessary.

  • Playrooms, multipurpose rooms, and entertainment areas will all get a fresh sense of fun when incorporating a textured wall.

Tips for Making the Most of Wall Texturing

To make the most of wall texturing, we recommend:

  • Choosing a complementary or contrasting color from the color wheel based on the dominant colors guiding your home interior painting.

  • Working with a local house painter experienced in wall texturing to avoid unsightly finishes, improper application, and incomplete paint drying.

  • Complementing your wall texturing with textured materials or accessories like artwork, lampshades, blankets, rugs, or pillows.

  • Asking your interior painting contractors to see samples of the texturing technique or textured paint before committing to the project.

  • Removing a popcorn ceiling to avoid the type of texturing that immediately dates a room and detracts from a modern aesthetic.

Trico Painting Can Customize Faux Finishes

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