Keep Your Gutters HOA Compliant

Keep Your Gutters HOA Compliant

If you've got gutter damage, the resulting mess is unsightly, and doesn't make a good impression on the neighbors, or residents of your condo/apartment complex.

Trico Painting works with our trusted partners at DMA constructions for stronger gutters and more beautiful exteriors that keep you HOA compliant.

After all, the best exterior painting money can buy won't matter, if your gutters are falling apart and causing property damage. Here's what we recommend to homeowners and property managers to get the job done.

How to Keep Your Gutters HOA Compliant

Know the Signs of Gutter Damage

Understanding both the obvious and hidden signs of gutter damage is an important first step to getting gutters up to par. Here's what to look for:

  • Rust: If gutters are rusting, they're deteriorating and won't stand up to rain, wind, sleet, and snow

  • Cracks: Cracked gutters are going to cause leaks and other issues that will only worsen if you leave them unaddressed.

  • Detachment: Detached gutters are only going to add to property damage and untidiness. Not to mention they're an eyesore that HOAs won't be happy with.

  • Sagging Gutters: Sagging gutters appear uneven because clogs are weighing them down. Since they're struggling to allow water to move through at that stage, gutters won't function properly for long unless you plan for gutter repair.

  • Paint Damage: Exterior paint damage (like chipping/peeling paint or rotting wood) near gutters means gutter breaks, and damage are already likely.

An exterior painting contractor and a gutter repair team work well together because both exterior paint and gutters work together to protect your home and keep your home or HOA property looking its best.

Look Around Your Property

One of the reasons we work so hard to help people stay vigilant about their gutters is because, left unchecked, gutter damage can wreak havoc throughout your home or HOA property.

  • Has paint discolored on interior walls? That's a bad sign of moisture damage, and the problem could have originated with your gutters.

  • Have you seen pools or puddles of water? Standing water around your downspouts could be a sign of foundation damage.

  • Has it been a long time since your last gutter maintenance? If you're not sure the last time you had gutters repaired, or it's been more than 10-15 years, it may be time for a gutter inspection.

As with most things, regular checking and due diligence will help ensure gutters stay clear, clean, and properly functioning.

Exterior Carpentry Repair: Recommended for Leaky Gutters

Exterior carpentry repair might be in order if gutter damage has caused cracking, crumbing, rotting wood in any gutter-adjacent areas on your property, including:

  • Board and Batten Siding

  • Doors and Windows

  • Decks and Fences

  • Porches and Patios

If you're not sure, check the paint or wood stain. If it's stayed true in color, it's still sound. If color or finish has warped or chipped, let your local house painters know.

Expert Gutter Repair, Carpentry, and Painting by Trico and DMA Construction

Gutter repair, carpentry, interior painting, and exterior painting are specialized according to your unique property and surfaces. Managing and completing those projects on time and on budget is much simpler and more streamlined with Trico Painting on the job. We are trusted by Roseville, CA homeowners and HOAs to spot and remediate paint damage inside and out. When paired with the extensive gutter and carpentry expertise of our partners at DMA construction, you can schedule your project with complete confidence, knowing all the necessary steps will be checked off your to-do list, while respecting your space.

Our commitment to on-the-job safety and superior service means you don't have to worry about climbing ladders, removing rotting wood, or painting in hard-to-reach places. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy a home, condo, or apartment that's built to last.

Have big plans for your home exterior? Trico Painting offers home exterior and HOA painting services for house, condo, and apartment interiors and exteriors. Together with local gutter repair experts at DMA Construction, we'll get exterior carpentry, gutters, and paint finishes looking great and protecting your home. Don't wait for gutter damage to get worse. Call Trico Painting now for your custom exterior painting estimate!