Make Your Pool House Pop with These Painting Ideas

Make Your Pool House Pop with These Painting Ideas

It’ll be summer before you know it. But your pool deck might be a little worse for wear if it hasn’t been painted in a while. Or maybe you’re just looking for a few ways to change things up around your home or HOA property. Here are some suggestions from the experts at Trico Painting about how to refresh your pool house in time for the busy season.

Good Pool Painting Renovations

Surface Cleaning and Repair

Before you start pool deck improvements or pool house painting, you want to be sure those surfaces are in the best possible shape. We suggest the following for starters:

  • Pressure Washing: Pool houses and pool decks are constantly exposed to the elements. Pressure washing services safely and effectively remove grime, fungi, algae, dirt, and other debris clinging to pool decking and pool house walls. Professional pressure washing services ensure your pool area surfaces are fully cleaned of dirt, peeling paint, and anything else that could negatively affect the appearance of new paint and stain finishes before starting your projects.

  • Wood Rot Repair and Replacement: If you have a wooden pool deck, you’ll want to make sure it’s strong and sturdy before re-painting or re-staining it. If you’ve spotted spores, dust-like or pillow-like growths, or crumbling wood, wood rot repair and replacement is necessary before wood rot spreads. Along with decking, you’ll want to check pool deck interior and exterior walls for signs of wood rot or a damp, musty smell so they can be immediately addressed and repaired.

Taking these steps will ensure that pool deck painting and other pool house improvement projects will start off stronger and last longer than if you just apply paint or stain over existing layers.

Wall and Ceiling Paint

A fresh coat of paint always transforms an area, and it’s one of the most fun ways to make your pool house pop. The possibilities are endless and depend on your taste, but here are a few painting ideas that have been popular with our clients’ home and HOA pool houses:

  • Differing Wall and Ceiling Colors: Wall and ceiling painting is a great opportunity to play with color and texture. Using contrasting colors adds greater depth and dimension to your outdoor pool area. If you’re not sure what colors to choose, your painting contractor can make recommendations using their portfolio as inspiration. You can also use a color wheel to find complementary and contrasting colors.

  • Colors That “Play Well” with Natural Lighting: Neutrals, light blues, and greys are some of the most popular colors because they bring the ocean and the beach to mind. These colors are also highly reflective, and natural lighting really brings out their beauty and variety.

Once you’re inspired, your newly painted pool house will be the talk of your outdoor gatherings.

Concrete Sealing and Staining

After applying concrete stain, pool deck surfaces are more durable and more beautiful, no matter the weather. Before pool deck concrete resurfacing, concrete sealers should be applied to get the best results from concrete pool deck staining.

This pool deck caulking protects the concrete from moisture damage and deterioration, which leads to costly reconstruction, not to mention no one can safely enjoy your pool during what should be a season of summer fun.

Once concrete is sealed, there are a wide range of concrete staining options. You can do a solid stain, a marbled stain, and more, depending on your creative vision for your pool house and the surrounding space.

Our clients love concrete staining because it’s more aesthetically appealing, and more comfortable on bare feet, than untreated concrete. It’s also easier to maintain and clean, since water, dirt, and other contaminants simply rest on the newly stained surface, rather than seeping in through cracks and causing structural damage.

Wooden Decking Improvements

If you have a wooden pool deck, you’ll want to start with pressure washing and check for rotting wood as recommended. Once that surface preparation is complete, there are multiple natural wood finishing options for pool decking that are highly water-resistant, providing a strong barrier against moisture damage and wood decay.

More translucent stains allow the natural grain and detailing in the wooden pool decking to shine through, while darker stains or additional coats of stain can hide small imperfections that make older decking less appealing.

Staining pool decks is an affordable and practical alternative to pool deck reconstruction, particularly if regular deck maintenance is a priority. We suggest applying a fresh coat of stain every 2-3 years to protect pool decking and keep surfaces strong.

Deck and Pool House Painting Services by Trico Painting

Trico Painting is the trusted Roseville, CA, painting contractor for pool house and pool deck painting and staining. Our superior surface prep is part of every exterior painting project, and we know where to look for structural weakness. We promptly replace and repair any vulnerabilities and apply professional-grade paints, stains, primers, and concrete sealers to your newly strengthened surfaces.

Pool house painting projects can be completed proficiently, including sealing and caulking, so you know the splishing and splashing will stay in the pool without compromising your pool deck or pool house walls.

We can help you with a makeover or can blend paints and stains to match the tried and true colors you love. Our schedule fills up fast, so make sure your pool deck and pool house are ready to wow as soon as the weather heats up. Contact Trico Painting for your pool house painting estimate today and get ready for fun in the sun.