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Meet the Trico Painting Team

Meet the Trico Painting Team

Trico Painting has 8 Teams of qualified painters ready to assist you with all of your painting projects. Each crew has a unique set of talents ranging from interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet painting and large project painting.

Interior House Painting

 Meet the Trico Painting Team

From the moment we step in your door to the moment we leave, our consistent goal is to make you say, “Wow!” In everything from professional conduct to tidy appearance, we treat your family and your home with utmost respect. And with our strict standards of quality painting, we trust that you’ll still be saying “Wow” long after we leave!

With every interior painting job our trained professionals are committed to protecting your home’s furniture, floors, and accessories, and to maintaining a tidy work space. We go the second mile to do the job right from the start, preparing all surfaces thoroughly to ensure a stunning and lasting result.

Check out this interior painting project. We painted the complete interior of this beautiful custom home. The project included staining all of the doors seen in this picture.

This project also included all of the cabinets throughout the home.

Exterior House Painting

 Meet the Trico Painting Team

First impressions are often lasting impressions, which is why we are serious about creating good ones! Our employees strive to create those impressions by their courteous interactions and professional appearance. But even more so, we work our magic on your home exterior so that it creates just the impression you are hoping for!

Every home is susceptible to the gradual wear caused by natural elements, harsh weather, and aging. Trico Painting offers a wide spectrum of professional exterior painting and repair services which will keep your home well-protected from the elements and looking like new!

Our professional crew will always show up on time, take the necessary precautions to protect the surrounding areas during the work process, and deliver stunning results.

Check out the rest of our project photo's on our web-site.

Cabinet Painting

 Meet the Trico Painting Team

Versatile, renewable and beautiful, wood is the natural choice for cabinets in our homes. But when trendy fades to tired, and classic becomes simply outdated, it’s time to infuse those wood cabinets with vibrant, new life! Many kinds of cabinets can be refinished or repainted for far less than the cost of buying new ones, but with spectacular results!

Whether you want to update your kitchen cabinets, custom built-ins, or bathroom cabinet sets, Trico Painting is the preferred painting contractor for the job. Our artists apply their specialized knowledge and expert techniques to create an eye-catching improvement in your bathroom, kitchen or other living spaces.

Our Process

Superb painting and finishing on cabinetry requires carefully-selected products, specialized equipment, and skilled application. For an intimate look into our premium cabinet painting process check out or video.

Rest easy! From the initial consultation to the final hardware installation, we ensure that your home is well protected and that all details are carried out to your satisfaction.