Most Common Exterior Wood Repairs

Most Common Exterior Wood Repairs

Woodwork is beautiful, natural, and resilient. But without due diligence and regular maintenance, exterior wood will deteriorate. Between constant exposure to the elements and frequent use, exterior wood needs regular attention and knowledgeable repairs to give your home a stronger, more beautiful finish.

Here are a few of the most common exterior wood repairs Trico Painting completes during home and HOA painting projects.

What Are the Most Common Exterior Wood Repairs?

Exterior Wood Rot Repair

Exterior wood rot repair and replacement is one of the most critical and most common types of wood repair that exterior painters do. Take notice of:

  • Mushroom-like, rusty, or yellow-colored fungus on the surface

  • Spore dust around those growths

  • Warped, dry, split, crumbling, and/or shrunken wood

  • A musty or damp smell

Source: Sadolin

If you see these issues, your rotting wood needs immediate attention. It’s unsightly, of course, and you want your home or condo/apartment complex to make a good impression on tenants or visitors. But it’s most important to address because wood rot will spread if left unattended, causing greater structural damage and more repair headaches.

Caulking Exterior Wood

Damaged caulk between exterior wood beams can cause a lot of issues for your home or complex. Exterior wood caulk damage can lead to moisture intrusion, which will cause unsightly spots and deterioration on interior walls.

When caulk isn’t completely sealed or correctly applied, there is a greater likelihood of pest intrusion, which creates a nuisance and leads to health and safety liabilities you’d likely wish to avoid.

Caulk repair as a part of exterior wood painting and maintenance also prevents indoor temperature fluctuations and unpredictable energy costs by keeping heat and air conditioning inside and weather conditions outside.

Door Painting and Maintenance

Exterior wood door paint is sometimes one of the first places our clients notice paint deterioration. Frequent movement of people, pets, furnishings, and deliveries means more probability of wear and tear. And there’s no reason to leave the entryway neglected. Addressing door paint damage and structural issues will improve first impressions and have a more welcoming impact than leaving exterior wood door paint and repair issues unattended to.

You may not need to replace your entire door. Some imperfections and issues can be sanded off or removed through pressure washing. Superficial paint damage can be rectified quickly by your painting contractors. And individual beams or elements can be fixed, and new paint or stains matched to your favorite door paint colors while leaving the rest of your door intact.

Beam Repair for Outdoor Wooden Structures

Whether it’s decking, wooden benches, or a wooden ramp for wheelchair users, some boards in exterior wood structures will get damaged faster than others.

Exterior wood beam repair gets damaged beams out and replaces them with new lumber, which is sanded and prepped for paint according to its type and condition. These beams are carefully painted or stained to match the surrounding woodwork for a seamless, beautiful finish that will last longer now that it’s as structurally sound as possible. Along with improving aesthetics, beam repair keeps family members, guests, and visitors safe and allows you to entertain outdoors with greater peace of mind.

Expert Carpentry Repair Makes a Difference

There’s no reason to juggle carpentry repair and exterior painting contractors when wood repair and painting go hand in hand.

Trico Painting partners with carpenters and wood repair experts at DMA construction to ensure your exterior wood structures are as strong and durable as possible before painting or staining. Even the most beautiful, toughest exterior paints will have to be prematurely reapplied without surface repair.

Don’t leave caring for valuable exterior woodwork to chance. Contact the local house painters trusted to care for a range of wood finishes by homeowners and property managers. Schedule your estimate with Trico Painting today.