Perfect Carpentry Repairs After the New Year

Perfect Carpentry Repairs After the New Year

The new year is an excellent time to make all those property repairs you’ve been waiting on. And since winter brings some cooler weather with most people indoors, it’s a great season to make carpentry repairs to your outdoor spaces. Here are some carpentry projects and services you might consider scheduling in this new year.

Natural Wood Restoration and Staining

Natural wood is still one of the most frequently selected materials for elegant, timeless exteriors. But elements like sunlight, humidity, wind, rain, and ice can wreak havoc on natural wood over time. From stripping to chipping to fading, damage to natural wood can be extensive. And if you wait too long for repairs, the results can be costly.

Keep your residence or HOA looking like new with a natural wood restoration job. Our team can come in and assess any existing damage on your decks, doors, or window sills, plus make recommendations to prevent future damage. Services like staining can give a quick refresh to your natural wood’s finish. Sealing can lock in the strength of your structure, preventing moisture and inclement weather from penetrating the wood. A team of professional exterior carpentry repair people will be able to make these upgrades quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

When minor issues in the paint finish are noticed, you may not need a massive carpentry repair job. Specialized teams will be able to effectively caulk these places to help seal and insulate them, providing protection from weather-related debris and even pests. Caulking is an important part of keeping your energy costs down as well, since cracks and weathering in your exterior can lead to drafts.

Wood Rot Repair and Replacement

While you’re getting a carpentry repair team to restore and finish your exterior wood, you can also have them inspect for wood rot. This phenomenon happens when moisture leaks into cracks or chips in the wood, causing some potentially serious structural issues.

Wood rot can usually be identified by a musty, damp smell, by excess spore dust that’s usually orange, red, or brown, or by fungal growth in the form of hyphae (cobweb-like strands) or white mycelium (white, cushiony bumps.) And if you notice what looks like clusters of mushrooms growing out of your wood structures, you almost certainly have a wood rot issue.

Take care of these problems immediately to avoid further damage to the structure. Wood and deck rot repair service providers are well worth hiring for this job. Professionals will have the tools, equipment, and expertise needed to make repairs to the wood when possible and replacements when necessary. Plus, they can perfectly match the look of your existing wood so the results blend in seamlessly.

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