Repairs You Need to Make Before Labor Day

Repairs You Need to Make Before Labor Day

No doubt, you’re ready to get the family, friends, or neighbors together for a relaxing labor day celebration. But is your home or HOA community ready? Without checking necessary repairs off your list, you could be leaving outdoor areas vulnerable to disrepair.

To avoid putting them out of commission, schedule exterior painting and related carpentry repairs well in advance of any gatherings you’ve got on the calendar. Need suggestions? Here’s what the local house painters at Trico Painting recommend.

In June: Get Your Decking Ready

If you haven’t been entertaining as much in recent years, it’s possible your decking has been neglected. We recommend reapplying natural wood staining to any exterior decking every 2-3 years for maximum moisture protection, and a beautiful, rich finish that doesn’t dull or degrade. Here are some things to check for over the course of this project:

  • Getting to the Bottom of Things: Pressure washing services can take years off the appearance of your decking. And removing stuck-on dirt and debris gives you a better sense of whether you need refinishing and how extensive any additional improvements need to be,

  • Replacing Rotted Wood: If beams, steps, railings, lattice, or other decking woodwork is cracking, crumbling, or giving off a musty smell, those areas need to be removed and replaced right away. Prompt wood rot repair and replacement prevents damage from spreading, and protects any investment you’re making by ensuring stains and finishes are applied to the strongest possible surfaces.

  • Applying Fresh Primers and Stains: Be sure to use products that match your project. Don’t forget to allow ample drying time, so you know how one coat of stain looks before starting on the next.

In July: Seal Concrete Surfaces

If moisture or chemicals come in contact with untreated concrete, or if it’s subject to temperature fluctuation, you could see cracks, discoloration, dusting, and more.

Applying concrete sealers before Labor Day visits means concrete surfaces throughout your property will be safe for foot traffic, grills, furniture, and more. There are a few areas to consider applying concrete sealers:

  • Walkways and Sidewalks

  • Around the Pool

  • Driveways

  • Garage Flooring

Treating any of these with concrete sealers makes the entire area easier to clean and maintain and far less prone to damage and deterioration. Not to mention, it adds a smoother and more seamless look that improves aesthetics and curb appeal.

In August: Freshen and Fix Exterior Paint

As Labor Day draws closer, it’s time to make sure your home or HOA painting is fresh and up-to-date. There are a few critical things to check for as you walk around your property.

  • Paint Damage: If paint is chipping, peeling, or bubbling out from the surface, there are some issues with your finish that may be leaving your underlying surfaces vulnerable.

  • Discoloration/Fading: When paint fades, its capacity for surface protection is on the decline. Depending on the appearance of the fading, it may also be a sign that there’s moisture damage that needs your attention.

  • Trim and Gutters: Exterior trim and gutter damage is leaving your home vulnerable to pests, moisture intrusion, and potential structural damage if left unaddressed. Specialized carpentry repairs are necessary to prevent these problems.

Make the Most of Labor Day with Professional Painters

When you need exterior painting and related repair services, there’s no need to juggle the budgets, the prep, and the multiple project steps on your own. You don’t have to deal with multiple contractors, or wonder if DIY painting efforts are going to lead to a series of repaints and touch-ups.

Letting experienced local house painters Trico Painting handle all the jobs you have planned means you don’t have to stress over whether surfaces will be their strongest, or whether paint will look its best. We’re committed to answering any questions you have about home or HOA painting so you know exactly what to expect. Set your Labor Day painting projects up for success. Contact Trico Painting today to get started.