Resurface Your Pool Deck Before Summer

Resurface Your Pool Deck Before Summer

Before summer heats up, it’s good to double check your pool deck. How does it look? Is it ready for another busy season? Planning pool deck resurfacing before your pool deck gets heavy use is a great way to protect one of the most valuable investments in your home or HOA property.

Here are some things to consider.

Why You Should Resurface Your Pool This Summer

Safety and Liability

Wooden pool decks are beautiful, but wood is not impervious to water damage. Cracking or deterioration on or below your pool deck could mean major safety hazards, and that’s not a risk you want to take with your neighbors, residents, or tenants.

Even concrete pool decks can be vulnerable, depending on the quality of the pool deck caulking and concrete sealing in place. Unsealed or improperly sealed concrete leads to cracks, moisture intrusion, and uneven areas that could mean slips, falls, and putting your pool out of commission.

Signs of Damage or Deterioration

How do you know it’s time to schedule pool deck staining or pool deck concrete resurfacing?

Rotting or Crumbling Boards: If you’ve spotted spores, dust-like or pillow-like growths, or crumbling wood, wood rot repair and replacement is essential before wood rot spreads throughout your entire pool deck. Along with decking around the pool, you’ll want to check your supporting beams and boards, stairs, and railings for signs of wood rot. Note that a damp, musty smell could mean wood has started to decay before other signs of rotting wood become visible.

Concrete Imperfections: Concrete pool deck staining certainly improves appearance, but it also protects your concrete from damage, and protects you from having to shell out a lot of money for pool deck reconstruction. Be on the lookout for cracks, the appearance of a white dust-like substance on the surface of the concrete, and any blotches or discoloration. These are signs that your concrete pool deck sealing has been compromised and needs to be addressed promptly through professional resurfacing, sealing, and staining.

Improving Texture and Appearance

Your pool decking surfaces can be improved and smoothed out before the painting and staining projects even start.

Pressure washing services efficiently and effectively remove grime, fungi, algae, dirt, and other debris clinging to pool decking, decking stairs and railings, and supporting structures.

Professional pressure washing services ensure your pool deck surfaces are fully cleaned of dirt, peeling paint, and anything else that could negatively affect the appearance of new paint and stain finishes before starting your projects.

Pressure washing also significantly improves the appearance of decking surfaces and gives them a smoother, more appealing texture. You don’t really know what shape your pool deck is in structurally until everything clinging to the surfaces has been completely removed.

More Inviting Recreational Areas

A fresh coat of paint always transforms a pool area and complements pool deck resurfacing and staining by making everything look fresh and new. Now is the perfect time to plan projects for your pool area, including:

  • Pool House Painting: Wall and ceiling painting is a great opportunity to play with color and texture while updating the look of your pool house. Some of the most popular colors are greys, blues, light greens, and neutrals. They play well with natural light, make the area appear more spacious, and give the feeling of being at a resort or on the beach.

  • Tiki Bar Refinishing: Poolside bars are beautiful and inviting, especially with deep, rich natural wood finishing and durable professional-grade wood stains.

Your newly updated pool area will give you the feeling of being on a luxurious retreat without having to leave home. And with the entire area being updated, it adds value to your property that will last for years to come.

Full-Service Pool Deck Cleaning and Resurfacing by Trico Painting

Trico Painting is the trusted Roseville, CA, painting contractor for full-service pool deck staining and resurfacing. We start with thorough surface prep in every exterior painting project, so we can get decking clean and pinpoint structural weakness. We replace and repair any structural vulnerabilities promptly, and apply only the best professional-grade paints, stains, primers, and concrete sealers to your newly strengthened surfaces.

We recommend planning pool deck improvement projects in late spring to have plenty of time to hire a painting contractor, allow them to conduct an on-site assessment and estimate, and ensure there’s ample time to complete pool area makeovers before you and your guests want to take a dip.

We have experience planning and managing multiple projects for homeowners and multi-unit, managed HOA properties. If you’re ready for a more beautiful and inviting pool area, contact Trico Painting for your pool deck resurfacing and staining estimate today so you can be ready for summer fun.