Should I Paint My Oak Cabinets- Trico Painting

Should I Paint My Oak Cabinets- Trico Painting

Have you ever thought about painting your tired oak cabinets? Are you looking an affordable way to update your kitchen without taking out a second mortgage on your home?

Do you have questions and concerns about the process such as how long will they last, what are the best products, stain vs paint and more.

In this Blog we have included some of the most common questions that we have been asked. The answers may help you understand your options for making an informed decision on how to proceed.

1. Will I see the grain?

Yes, oak has a very strong grain that requires extra attention to fully cover with paint, but the actual topography of the wood will not be changed by adding paint. Think about the last time you painted a wall and missed one of the old nail holes – the paint doesn’t fill in holes or repair things.

2. Can you fill the grain?

If you do a quick Google search on how to fill the grain on oak cabinets, you’ll find lots of solutions – many of them look brilliant when they’re done. Most no longer show any grain at all – you can’t even tell they’re oak cabinets!

Each solution is very labor intensive and time consuming. Remember that when you read the details of how others are doing it at home, they have virtually limitless time – because it’s their house. They can afford to test and tweak as they go.

The hard fact is that most times it will be more cost-effective to just buy new cabinet doors than to have us smooth out your old oak doors. It would double the cost of most jobs.

3. What about glazing?

Yes, we offer glazing as part of our services. Glazing is an additional cost and will a significant cost to your project. We are happy to to show you some sample doors of our work before you make this commitment.

4. Can I stain or re-stain my cabinets?

Yes, we offer all types of stain colors. Providing that your cabinets are currently stained or have a clear finish. In many cases we can custom match stain colors to match new flooring or other wood-work.

5. What types of finishes are available?

All of the finishes we use are available in eggshell (satin), semi-gloss and gloss. There is no difference in product performance or durability for one sheen over another.

ADVANCE® Interior Paint

We use Benjamin Moore Advanced Enamel. We love it because of the overall performance, the chip resistant qualities of the paint and the easy aftercare the product offers the home-owner.

6. What about chipping?

Chipping on any surface is a possibility. We prep and take every precaution necessary to insure your cabinets will have long lasting beauty long after we are gone. The coatings that we use are the best that are available for kitchen environments.

Peeling would be very unlikely with the process that we use. We offer a 1-year warranty against peeling. If you do experience peeling, we definitely want to be informed so we can inspect and repair the problem.

7. How do you apply the paint?

All of our work is sprayed by trained professional painters. Spraying will deliver a factory smooth finish. Most painters will brush or roll leaving behind an uneven finish with brush and roller marks.


Our Process starts with cleaning and de-greasing all of the doors, drawers and frames. Our prep includes sanding to degloss followed by a coat of shellac primer to seal and two coats of the Benjamin Moore Advanced Enamel.

6. How long will the job take?

A typical standard kitchen will take about three days to complete. Larger kitchens or projects that include multiple rooms such as bathrooms and laundry rooms will require additional time. Most projects do not last longer than 5 days even with multiple rooms.

8. Are you licensed and insured?

Yes we are a licensed painting contractor celebrating 10 years in March of 2019. Our license information can be found on the California State License Board website at We also meet all of the insurance requirements. We have a two million dollar liability policy to make sure if the unthinkable happens, you’ll be made whole and we won’t have to declare bankruptcy.

9. Do you replace or install knobs and pulls?

We will replace existing knobs and pulls with new ones provided by the owner at no additional charge providing there is no additional drilling needed and the new knobs and pulls match existing hole patterns. We will drill for new knobs or pulls. There is a fee for drilling new holes or patching existing holes. Please ask your estimator about this service.

Note: If you are planning on changing your hinges the new hinges will need to be identical in size with the exact same hole pattern. Please let your estimator know if you plan on replacing your hinges.

10. Do I have to empty my drawers and cabinets?

You will need to empty all of the drawers that we will be painting.Your counters and the areas that we will be working in will need to be clear. You will need to move your refrigerator to a safe place and plug it in. We will need an area in your garage to set up a spray booth and stack your cabinets for drying preferably near your access door.

11. Is there a strong odor?

The shellac primer and our lacquer products used for staining or glazing have a very strong odor. The Benjamin Moore product is mild compared to the primer and lacquer products that we use. We strongly encourage our customers to plan on making arrangements to stay somewhere else during the project. If you are pregnant or have a respiratory condition, we definitely recommend you vacate the area.

10. What is your warranty?

We will come back once during the first year if you have any problems. I always stress the care instructions which if followed mean years and years of no-worry cabinets.

12. Do you have reviews online?

Yes our 5 star reviews can be found on Yelp, Houzz, Angies List, Facebook and Google. We also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Did we miss any questions that you are wondering about? Give us a call at 916-550-9648. We would be happy to discuss your project with you.