Small Space? How Textured Walls Can Help

Small Space? How Textured Walls Can Help

Wall texturing is an interior painting technique that has a lot of benefits, especially in small spaces. Here's what the interior painting contractors at Trico Painting have learned about wall texturing and how it can make a small space feel less cramped.

What to Know About Wall Texturing for Small Spaces

The Visual Impact of Texture

Interior designers have long understood how texture can liven up a small space. Hadley Mendelsohn, senior editor of House Beautiful, has seen this firsthand: "Though color is often the first thing we turn to when a home is feeling lackluster or flat, texture is an equally (if not more) effective tool for livening up a room. Indeed, introducing texture to a space has the added bonus of bringing in depth and dimension, and even color-averse decorators can reap the benefits." We suggest a selective approach to wall texturing in order for this technique to be most effective in smaller rooms.

Where to Use Wall Texture

Creating dimension and depth is what continues to draw the eye, which makes the space look and feel larger. It can be used in any interior room, but we've seen many beautiful results in the following areas:

  • Bedrooms

  • Hallways

  • Living Rooms

  • Entertainment Rooms

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchens

Utilizing texture on an accent wall is the most common way to "expand" the appearance of a room. If you want a room to appear longer or deeper, you can accent the farthest wall. If you want a room to look wider, you can accent one of the side walls.

How to Texture Walls

Walls can be textured by applying paint in a way that makes them appear so by using special sponges or brushes. The most common version of this technique involves using a flat plaster paddle, which creates textured ridges. Additives can also texturize paint, but those same additives also make the paint much more difficult to fix or remove.

Similarly, wall coverings and wallpaper can add an immediate texturing effect, but the adhesive will create problems down the road if you need to make touch-ups or surface repairs. We suggest working with local house painters who specialize in the techniques that make paint look three dimensional rather than using other options that will be a headache to fix or maintain.

Don't Forget Colors and Lighting

Wall texturing is just one step to making a room appear larger and more spacious with paint. It's also important to utilize color and lighting. Bright whites, neutrals, light grays, earth tones, and light blues or greens are all tried and true ways to "open up a room" with interior painting. Here are some other tricks of the trade that may help:

  • Using One Color: Using one color in a room doesn't "stop the eye" but continues drawing it up and around the room.

  • Matching Room and Furnishings: Matching furnishings or decor to your wall and ceiling paint can allow it to "blend in" with the room color, which keeps the room from looking cluttered and making it appear smaller.

  • Lightening Things Up: Adding or maximizing light in the room will always make it look more open. Some people prefer whiter, "cooler" lighting for this purpose.

One Place to Avoid Texturing

In many cases, what you can do with wall texturing is only limited by your tastes and your creative ideas for the space. But we do advise against texturing one space in your room. Textured "popcorn" ceilings tend to make a room feel more closed in, along with making it look outdated. Popcorn ceiling removal will instantly modernize your room, allowing texture to emphasize only the areas of the room that will make it look larger.

Wall Texturing for Any Interior

Trico Painting is the trusted residential painting contractor in Roseville, CA and the surrounding communities. We use only the best modern interior painting techniques for beautiful wall texturing in any room. We're ready to customize textured walls using specialty finishes and application methods to maintain a unified aesthetic.

Get breathtaking results the first time without the frustration of DIY wall texturing. Hire interior painters who get stunning results. Ready to get started? Contact Trico Painting for your interior painting estimate today.