Temperature Control Paint Solutions for Your Sunroom

Temperature Control Paint Solutions for Your Sunroom

When spring and summer heat up, temperature control paints may help keep your sunroom cooler. Here’s what we’ve learned about these unique specialty finishes.

What to Know About Temperature Control in Sunrooms

What Are Temperature Control Paints?

Temperature control paints, also called insulative paints, are designed to insulate surfaces against extreme temperatures.

For painters in Roseville, CA like Trico Painting, that means keeping sunrooms (and really any room) cooler when temperatures heat up. When these paints are made, a broad spectrum, thermally reflective coating is applied to special micro-spheres to block heat radiation. In short, these paints may improve reflectivity and reduce heat in a sunroom or other outdoor area that gets direct sunlight.

When the weather does cool down a bit, sunrooms and other areas painted with temperature control paints won’t get any colder, so you’ll be comfortable and able to enjoy the scenery no matter the weather.

Other benefits of temperature control paints when using them for exterior painting include their durability and versatility. You don’t need to worry about premature repaints or fading with paints that are designed to be exposed to the elements. And you don’t have to sacrifice your creative visions, since colors can be customized just like standard exterior paints.

Elastomeric Paints for Stucco Sunrooms

Since elastomeric paints are about 10 times thicker than standard exterior paints, they could be another good option if you’re hoping to keep your sunroom cooler. Elastomeric paints are used in many exterior painting applications and are particularly effective for painting or repairing stucco walls in your sunroom. Along with improving the long-term temperature stability of the space, elastomeric paints provide a barrier against moisture intrusion, which is always an added benefit in rainy or humid weather.

Another Idea: Reflective Paint Colors

Whites and lighter shades of other colors are reflective. Painting sunroom walls with reflective paint colors keeps the walls (and the room) from absorbing heat. These colors also give the whole room a light, bright, airy feel that’s perfect for a sunny, inviting space.

Darker colors, on the other hand, have less reflectivity, which keeps the heat in the room, making for a less comfortable space. Regardless of whether the label says “climate controlled,” lighter paints will give you an additional boost when trying to keep a space a little cooler.

How to Keep Your Sunroom Cooler This Summer

If you’re not using energy efficient design and building, paints and coatings won’t be able to do enough to properly cool the room. When building or remodeling your sunroom ahead of a painting project, keep the following in mind:

  • Increasing Airflow: Moving air effectively through your sunroom will help cool it in the summer. Ventilation openings high in the room will allow heat to escape, and fans can circulate the air to keep it from becoming stagnant and unpleasant.

  • Tinting Windows: Window tinting blocks some sunlight, but more heat will be blocked in proportion to the amount of tinting you use. If you’re building or rebuilding, insulated windows can achieve this effect without tinting them.

  • Installing Blinds: Window blinds give you more options than curtains or shades. Blinds can be partially open or tilted up or down to deflect the solar radiation in a different direction without completely covering the windows and blocking out all the light.

Need Specialty Paints? Find Special Expertise

Temperature control paints and other specialized paints require experienced application to avoid premature repaints and other quality issues. DIY painting often leads to too much paint, or too little, or improper preparation that undermines any insulation benefits your paints may otherwise have.

If you’re tired of searching for “exterior painters near me” without finding someone who understands the unique demands of your space, look no further. Trico Painting provides interior and exterior painting services for any area of your home or HOA property, including sun rooms and sun decks.

Enjoy a cooler, more pleasant experience in your sunroom this summer with our speciality finish expertise. Contact us for your exterior painting estimate today.