The Importance of Maintaining Bathroom Cabinets

The Importance of Maintaining Bathroom Cabinets

We may not use our bathroom cabinets as often as other in-home storage. But they’re exposed to light, moisture, and use on a daily basis. It’s important to give these furnishings their due as part of what makes people feel comfortable and cared for in your home. Here are some tips from our expert local house painters on how and why to beautify your bathroom, starting with your cabinets.

Why You Should Maintain Your Bathroom Cabinets

Make a Better Impression

Bathrooms are associated with cleanliness and hygiene. How clean and refreshed your bathroom looks has a big impact on how visitors, potential buyers, and prospective tenants perceive your home, apartment, or condominium.

No one wants to use a bathroom with visible marks, streaks, or imperfections, especially around the area where they wash their hands. A big part of making a great impression is keeping bathroom cabinets maintained. In fact, HGTV found that bathroom cabinet painting decisions can influence whether or not a home sells.

Protect Cabinets Against Moisture

If it’s been more than a few years, or if you can’t remember when you had it done last, it may be time for fresh cabinet painting or staining. You can usually tell paint is deteriorating based on:

  • Discoloration or fading

  • Chipping, bubbling, popping, or peeling paint

  • Streaks or marks you can’t clean off

It’s important not to put off staining bathroom cabinets or applying that new coat of paint because the bathroom has higher moisture levels than other areas of a home interior. If paint finishes are degraded, any of those vulnerable spots is a place where moisture can seep in, causing further damage at or below the cabinet surface. Staining needs to be done slightly more frequently than repainting, so it’s important to check stained cabinet finishes periodically to be sure they’re maintaining their moisture barrier.

In the long run, painting maintenance is a far more cost-effective investment than cabinet reconstruction and replacement, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Repainting bathroom cabinets is a smart investment that can help cabinets, vanities, and other bathroom furnishings last for years to come.

Seal Cabinets Against Pests

Water damage can also mean caulking damage. And if your bathroom caulking isn’t intact, the incomplete seal between your cabinets and the floor could be an entry point for pests. Many pests are attracted to moisture-rich areas, so keeping bathroom cabinet caulking maintained is an effective way to prevent them from getting into one of the rooms in your home where cleanliness and hygiene are most important.

Update a Bathroom Immediately

Whether you’re renting rooms, selling your home, or adding a bathroom to an expansion, you want your bathroom to look its best as soon as possible. But bathrooms often get neglected during home interior updates. Painting cabinets is one of the quickest ways to transform a bathroom into a cleaner, more hospitable space. Some of the most popular bathroom cabinet colors include:

  • Whites and grays: These colors look clean and go with every cabinet style. Whites and lighter colors are also highly reflective and can make the most of bathroom lighting, which makes getting ready easier.

  • Neutrals and earth tones: Light neutrals and earth tones give bathroom cabinets a grounding effect without being distracting.

  • Light blues and greens: These colors are popular for bathrooms because they’re often associated with water, beaches, and aquatic themes. They’re also calming and relaxing, which is a nice plus in a room designed for privacy.

  • Natural wood finishes: Refinishing bathroom cabinets to match the color of the natural wood they’re built from is becoming more popular for people who like the idea of their decor getting “back to basics” and embracing the fundamentals.

Get Expert Bathroom Cabinet Painting and Maintenance

Cabinet painting is a great way to update or restore your master, guest, or half bathroom. But managing the multi-step painting or staining project can take more time and money than you planned when attempting it yourself.

We can safely and efficiently prep bathroom cabinet surfaces, apply the perfect finish for the look you want, and reinstall your like-new bathroom cabinets in a fraction of the time it would take to paint them yourself with caulking, primers, stains, and paints that repel moisture, dirt, and grime.

Don't risk a DIY mishap that would mean more unplanned bathroom repairs. Contact Trico Painting for your bathroom cabinet painting or staining estimate today. We're excited to get to work!