The Process of Removing Popcorn Ceiling Explained

The Process of Removing Popcorn Ceiling Explained

Removing popcorn ceilings (also called acoustic ceilings) is a great idea if you’re wanting to give your home or HOA property a fresh new look. But how is it done, and how do you keep this interior painting project from overtaking your space? Here’s what our professional painters recommend.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal: What’s the Process?

Here’s how we tackle the job when an HOA or house painting project includes removing popcorn ceilings:

  1. Start with a Scrape Test: Some of the “popcorn” finish will come off right away when you use a scraper. Test a small area to see how easily it comes off. If texturing doesn’t come off dry, try wetting it. If that’s not effective, it means that the popcorn finish was mixed with a paint, and that removing it will be a highly labor-intensive process.
  2. Test for Asbestos: Performing an asbestos test is a necessary first (or second) step. Any asbestos paint will require specialized, expert removal.
  3. Protect Fixtures and Surfaces: Lots of water will likely be necessary to fully remove popcorn ceilings on your property. During that process, water has to be sprayed, then it soaks and it drips. Debris falls during scraping. You’ll need to empty the room, cover lights, and remove fixtures to get the job done without a lot of extra work to correct the problems caused by water and ceiling flecks.
  4. Cover Anything Electrical: Covering everything electrical is essential for health and safety, not to mention protecting your investment in a valuable electrical system.
  5. Wet the Ceiling Completely: The ceiling needs to be wet completely, and to soak thoroughly, for the popcorn coating to be effectively removed.
  6. Scrape Until Smooth: After thorough soaking, scraping the ceiling until smooth will remove the popcorn coating.
  7. Clean Up: There will be a mess after your popcorn ceiling removal project, but that’s normal. But if it was well contained to start with, cleanup will be a lot easier.
  8. Plan for painting: Painting ceilings is a lot easier when they’re smooth. Once the texture is removed, you can plan your painting project.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal: How to Get it Right

It is possible to DIY popcorn ceilings by taking these steps. But the odds of making costly mistakes, such as gouging and otherwise damaging ceiling surfaces, are higher without professional painters on your team.

Another benefit to hiring house painters to remove acoustic ceilings is their knowledge of project planning. They know how to inspect, test, prep, and repair ceilings before, during, and after popcorn ceiling removal.

Trico Painting offers acoustic ceiling removal as part of our diverse lineup of interior painting services. We know these projects can be intimidating, so we’ll make every effort to ensure they’re stress-free.

Whether you need a house painter or HOA painting, we have the containment, surface prep, and cleanup expertise to remove popcorn ceilings efficiently and completely. And we’ll be sure your ceilings are ready for the next phase: a fresh coat of paint to get your ceilings, and the entire room, back to looking like new.

Don’t wait to remove outdated popcorn ceilings. Contract Trico Painting today for your textured ceiling removal estimate. We’ll get the job done right so all you’re left with after your project is a ceiling you love.