Things to Consider When Painting Stucco

Things to Consider When Painting Stucco

Stucco homes and buildings are beautiful, and their finishes can last a long time. Stucco is also energy-efficient, flame retardant, and effective for noise reduction. It’s a great fit for a wide variety of homes.

But there are things to consider when painting stucco in order to be sure your projects are successful.

What to Know About Painting Stucco

Is the Surface Ready for Stucco Painting?

Before painting stucco, you need to make sure the surface is ready to receive new stucco paint. Several steps will need to be taken before the painting project starts:

  • Cleaning Stucco Interiors: How long this takes depends on what shape your stucco walls are in. For a little dirt and dust, you can clean stucco with a brush and push broom. It may be easier to use a dust attachment, since you can both clean the wall and keep dust from falling all over the floor.
  • Cleaning Stucco Exteriors: If you’re planning a stucco exterior painting project, more heavy-duty cleaning will be required. Pressure washing is recommended to completely remove dirt and other debris from exterior walls. It’s especially effective if you notice mold or moisture damage.

Depending on the temperature fluctuation in and around your home, and the condition of your exterior walls, moisture damage might be causing serious structural issues. If it’s time to paint, it's time to ensure the signs of moisture damage are removed, and their root causes addressed. We recommend checking both the interior and exterior of your stucco buildings, even though it is sometimes more common in areas where the stucco comes directly in contact with the elements.

  • Removing Mold: There are safety risks to mitigate when painting stucco, too. Before painting stucco, mold will need to be completely removed to keep everyone on your property safe.

Does the Stucco Need Repair?

Along with cleaning stucco and mitigating any moisture or mold damage before stucco painting, surface repairs will need to be completed. The most common problems you’ll have with stucco walls fall into two categories:

  • Cracking: Once stucco is cracked, it becomes less fire retardant and less energy efficient. It’s also an eyesore that could detract from the value of your property and its overall curb appeal. Completely sealing cracks before painting ensures new stucco paint goes on smoothly and does its job protecting your surfaces.
  • Staining: If stucco paint was improperly applied the first time, it can discolor and stain the walls. Addressing this problem before any new stucco paint is applied gets you better results.

Does Your Painting Contractor Have Stucco Painting Expertise?

Different painters may specialize in different finishes, which can be an asset when planning painting projects for your home or HOA property.

Hiring a painting contractor with experience painting stucco is critical for durable stucco finishes. They understand the problems your stucco home or buildings may be facing before and during painting. Hire painters who know how to address mold and moisture damage, cracking stucco, and stucco discoloration efficiently and effectively.

Why Hire Trico Painting for Stucco Painting and Repair?

Trico Painting teams are experienced painting stucco. Here’s what we can bring to your stucco painting project:

  • Stucco cleaning and repair: As part of our thorough approach to professional surface preparation, your stucco painting estimate will include any cleaning and repairs necessary to get your stucco walls in the best possible condition to receive paints and primers.
  • People Power: The texture of stucco means you’re effectively painting more in a smaller space. We have the people power to get big painting projects done for homeowners and HOAs so you can focus on what matters most to you.
  • Proper Products and Tools: Stucco is a unique finish. We have stucco paints and primers, and the best tools for applying stucco to get the exact finish you’re looking for. There’s no reason to be less than totally satisfied with your newly refreshed stucco.

When working with Trico Painting, your stucco finishes will achieve maximum beauty and durability. If you’ve got a long to-do list on your property, our team can recommend additional interior painting or exterior painting services that help your property stand out, and ensure structural beauty and safety for many years to come.

Ready to start your stucco painting project? The painting pros at Trico will help you get it done. Contact us for your stucco painting estimate today!